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Saturday, May 21, 2011

wishlist perhaps.

Happy Saturday people :') Auuww. Isn`t it beautiful day because it`s weekend yaww ! haha :D To those who is working, it`s so damn confirm you like Saturday kan? :P So like me, i`m not working yet. Just finish my practicum and currently thesis submission progress. Wish me luck yea (: *appreciate that. Weeee :P

Okay. Yeaa. Actually i wanna share something here. It`s not some brand new items or damn HOT news or what. It`s just about my favourite stuff jeh ponnnnn. Heee. Favourite stuff A.K.A Wishlist. Cewah gitewwwwww *ok. gedik.

I`m sorry if this entry is full with loadsssss of pictures tau ! Ok. I`ve warned you there. See. Read again. I`ve WARNED youu. haha. Pretty scary. Auuwwww. Ok zassss !

Let the pictures speakkkk beybehh ! :D

Yea. I`m soooooo into accesorries. And one of them is necklace :') I`ve some right now. Still collecting. So you gurls out there. If you wanna give necklace,
give it to me yaw ! *peace :P

Ok. Second one. Pretty much in the same category which is Accessories (:
The Ring.
No no. Not the ghost story tau ! hehe. This one is awesome one.
Awesome rings beybehh (:

&& Oh oh. I like the first and second ring okay !

Next is one of the gadget. It`s damn pwettyyy.
Does anybody wanna give this on my burpday? Oh i mean birthday?
Ok ima. just get it yourselves will you?
yeaaa rite.

Okay this one is quite impossible to have it. So i just pretend that i can buy and wear them lah kan. If i`m not mistaken, this one is Louboutin. i`ll check again (:
Yea. Quite bling bling huh? But it is like soooooo
G.L.A.M.O.U.R.O.U.S dude !

This pair of wedges seems so nice. I really into it when i saw it at my first glance.
Can you just imagine me wearing that?
MaiGod !

And and the best part is,
I`m like HAVE ALL OF THEM and and
put them in one exclusive room for shoes only !
See this picture down here :')

Nice huh? That`s why i said earlier.
It`s getting crazier and infinity :P
(okay when did you mentioned that Ima?)

Okay girls. Ready for the last shot?

Scroll down a `lil bit pleaseeeeee.

Taraaaaaaaa !
I put all of them accordingly.
wink wink.
What a dream huh?
Hey it`s okay. Sometimes dream comes true right?
Just believe it. You never know the future.

crossing fingers.

Toddles babe.

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