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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


This is why i never switch on my IM chat. I hate it!
I will let it on if there`s someone wanna let me know something important.
Other time? Hell i won`t !


p/s: Read that one by one. Hillarious ! :D

I really mean it. I hope you listen to what my heart says.

P.S. Can`t I just have you?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

visit the `lil sistah (;

Assalamualaikum dan Salam Satu Dunia people :')

Ecewah kau Ima, siap nak salam satu dunia lagi kau kan? :F Today is Sunday && tomorrow`s Monday. I bet there`s people out there yang panjangggggggg je muncungnya. Hehe. Because tomorrow`s working day peopleee. So get yourself prepared okay?

Yesterday i met my youngest sistah at her hostel. She called me yesterday evening to remind me,

she: Ahn Nyeoung Seh Yo ! :D * i heard her giggles.
me: ya ya Ahn Nyeong ! :P Nak ima datang pukul bape ni?
she: Urmm. Ima datang jap lagy dalam pukul 4.30pm bole tak?
me: Ha okayy. Lagy 5 minit ima sampai. Tunggu kat bawah yea.
she: Okayy. Saranghaeyo !
me: Lurve ya too. Bye !

*Her school is actually 5minutes driving from our home. She entered the school is because of no one will care about her. I mean, there`s no one at home to look after her. At home only have my dad & my bros only. At that time, i was busy with college thingy. Not that frequent going back home ya knowwww. *

So i met her yesterday at her hostel. I lend her my MP4 for her to listen. Because it`s weekend kan. Let she has something for entertainment. Auwwww nice sister she got right :') *watevah. Then she remind me again.

she: Ima esok datang lagy tau.
me: What time do you want me to come?
she: Around this time jelaa.
me: Call me. Takut ima lupa :P
she: Yelaa. Please bring Big Apple for me? *puppyeyes*
me: Big Apple? Nak epal merah atau hijau? ahahhahahaa :F
she: Ima jahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatt !
me & her laughinggggggg :D

Just now around 3.15pm, i went to Jusco Bandaraya Melaka to buy her J.Co. It`s too crowded if i wanna go & buy Big Apple. Because it is at the Banda Hilir town. && There were loadssss of cars. Tak sanggup ! After i grabbed her J.Co donnuts, i went to the supermarket and bought 3 bottles of Yogurt drink. Actually, they got promotion for that. So i was like WAAAAHHH BOLEH DAPAT BANYAK DENGAN SEPULUH RINGGIT? :D <----- mulut ternganga tau :P I bought and rushed to the car. It is so crowded. The car park also full ya knoww. Damn~

Later, i reached her place around 4.20pm and headed to the guard house.

me: Nak panggil Farah Wahida bole tak?

She walked behind me and hugged me from the back. Auwwwww. She missed me :') *padahal aku perasan :P*

she: Ingatkan orang lain sebab macam tinggi semacam jek!
me: Hello. Your sister ni tall jugak okayy.
she: ahaha. You look beautiful today.
me: Errrr. You want me to belanja you or you wanna some money?
she: Syiling pon boleyy. Hahhaa. Kiddin`

So, she ate the donnuts, drink the yogurt drink and have chit chat with her for a while. Then i went back :)

See? I can snap photo with donnut in my hand :P


Yogurt Drinks.
Awesome >3

Yea. We pretty much the same kan?
Macam kawan je. Padahal adik beradik.
She`s taller than me BTW.

peace yawww.

Miss ya sis.
Can`t wait for u to come home.
Take care.

Toodles people.
Take a good care of yourselves as so many acid splashers cases nowadays.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

wishlist perhaps.

Happy Saturday people :') Auuww. Isn`t it beautiful day because it`s weekend yaww ! haha :D To those who is working, it`s so damn confirm you like Saturday kan? :P So like me, i`m not working yet. Just finish my practicum and currently thesis submission progress. Wish me luck yea (: *appreciate that. Weeee :P

Okay. Yeaa. Actually i wanna share something here. It`s not some brand new items or damn HOT news or what. It`s just about my favourite stuff jeh ponnnnn. Heee. Favourite stuff A.K.A Wishlist. Cewah gitewwwwww *ok. gedik.

I`m sorry if this entry is full with loadsssss of pictures tau ! Ok. I`ve warned you there. See. Read again. I`ve WARNED youu. haha. Pretty scary. Auuwwww. Ok zassss !

Let the pictures speakkkk beybehh ! :D

Yea. I`m soooooo into accesorries. And one of them is necklace :') I`ve some right now. Still collecting. So you gurls out there. If you wanna give necklace,
give it to me yaw ! *peace :P

Ok. Second one. Pretty much in the same category which is Accessories (:
The Ring.
No no. Not the ghost story tau ! hehe. This one is awesome one.
Awesome rings beybehh (:

&& Oh oh. I like the first and second ring okay !

Next is one of the gadget. It`s damn pwettyyy.
Does anybody wanna give this on my burpday? Oh i mean birthday?
Ok ima. just get it yourselves will you?
yeaaa rite.

Okay this one is quite impossible to have it. So i just pretend that i can buy and wear them lah kan. If i`m not mistaken, this one is Louboutin. i`ll check again (:
Yea. Quite bling bling huh? But it is like soooooo
G.L.A.M.O.U.R.O.U.S dude !

This pair of wedges seems so nice. I really into it when i saw it at my first glance.
Can you just imagine me wearing that?
MaiGod !

And and the best part is,
I`m like HAVE ALL OF THEM and and
put them in one exclusive room for shoes only !
See this picture down here :')

Nice huh? That`s why i said earlier.
It`s getting crazier and infinity :P
(okay when did you mentioned that Ima?)

Okay girls. Ready for the last shot?

Scroll down a `lil bit pleaseeeeee.

Taraaaaaaaa !
I put all of them accordingly.
wink wink.
What a dream huh?
Hey it`s okay. Sometimes dream comes true right?
Just believe it. You never know the future.

crossing fingers.

Toddles babe.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

When my mind tends to be carried away.

Read the statement up there.

What do you think? Do you agree with that?

No it`s okay. Just keep the answer to yourself.

It just came across to my mind. && All i ever think of is him. I always asked to myself, if it happens to you, do you really think you are strong enough to face it? You said that he means the world to you. But he didn`t feel that you meant anything to him. How`s that? Urgh. The statement makes my eyes watery :'( I just can`t stand. I had enough. I`d faced so many challenges since last year. I had stand with my own two bare foot ! I ignore all sayings ! People`s rumors i heard, i faced it alone. What else? Don`t take him too can you? Even now, hurmmm. Maybe it is the time i have to move on. And i mean ALONE. Previous years, when i was in college, i had someone to share my stories with. Arghhh. They do not need anymore. I`m nothing. I believe that people do come and go. SOMEONE LEAVES FOOTPRINT IN YOUR HEART WHILE THE REST LEAVES FOOTPRINT ON YOUR FACE ! Just remember that. Some will love you and some will hate you. Bare in mind, you just can`t pleased everyone. You just do what you have to do. I really really hope that i have a bright future. I really hope that i will get a better life more than i have now. I really appreciate people around me that always support me whenever i`m down. But i always remember, i cannot rely on people. I must be independent person and i WILL make changes from now on. I will be a better person than now. I hope so. Amin Ya Rabbal Ala min..

I`ve read through all messages on facebook. Each and every time my eyes stops at his name, i wonder, did he ever think of me? did he miss me? and what i did was smiling (: Even though i may not know, but at least i know that myself does. I hope you are in good health condition. Sorry if my attitude annoys you. && Sorry if you ever think that i`m that bored. Because i know that i`m not that attractive and interesting. Take care.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sweetie Pie (:

Nothing much that I can say here. Just wanna update my blog je. Weehoooo. Timah tertipu? Bluwekkkk :P Actually it`s already 1.33 am. 16th may 2011. What do you aspect kan? Pagy-pagy buta kot! Hee. So, he`s already asleep. Dah taktau nak buli sape dah. Agaknya dia dah sampai London dah ! Hikss. We texted each other just now,

him: Dah makan tak?
me: suda suda (: Awaakk, nak tanya ni..
him: Apa dia?
me: Awk rindu kita tak? <------ STRAIGHT TO THE POINT ! HAHAA :P
him: Rindu macam mana tu? HEHEHEHE <----- Dia yang taip macam ni eh. Bukan aku yang tambah :P
me: Yela. Tak rindu la tu kan? Dah takpe takpe. Macam ni eh sekarang. Takpe !

*Jahat ke tak jahat? haha! Lepas tu terus change topic. Nampak sangat dia tak rindu aku. Cis kek betul ! :P*

Dah biasa dah. Kitorang memang macam ni. Suka nak mengusik ! Miss you :')

It`s been a loooooooooooooooong time I haven`t seen him tau. Kesian aku kan? Tula. Apa nak buat. Duduk berjauhan ! :P I was so touched with his attitude. He is a protective man. And SWEET ! Auwwwwwwwww. AWAK, KITA PUJI AWAK NI :D haha! Yeah rite. Like he reads my blog kan! Ok. Back to the story, during last time, when we go out together, he never missed to buy me lollipop. Weeeee! Ala lollipop yang Chupa Chupp tu ((: If you can`t recall, scroll down..

Haa this one lah ! (: He knows that I kinda sweet tooth person. Kenapa ada 'kinda'? Because I will eat according to my mood. So in my handbag, there will be sweets, chocs or even gummies (: So that one day, we went to the Curve, because he said he wanna buy something for his dad. Okayy. We entered Watson. I only bought mineral water if i`m not mistaken, then i said to him 'Nak jalan kat luar jap eh' He said 'Okay'. Then few moments, he was out from that store and was looking for me. I like to mengusik dia. So I hide myself somewhere. I menyorok belakang tiang ! Hahaha. Then dari jauh dia cekak pinggang suruh keluar. Haha! Fahneyyy :F

him: Nak menyorok eh? Tinggalkan kat sini kangg.
me: hahahhaha ! Aloloo. yela yela. main- main jelaaa (: dah dapat cari barang tu?
him: sudah (: jom?
me: okayy jom gi Vincci jap !
him: ehh. alamak. Jap jap !
me: asal?
him: tunggu sini jap eh. *he was running back to Watson*
me: *waiting for him sambil jalan perlahan-lahan cuci mata :P *
him: *he walks beside me and said* Nahh untuk awak.. *giving lollipops to me. Two lollipops.
me: huh? ape ni?
him: Laa lollipop laa.
me: Yela. mmgla lollipop. asal beli. susah-susah jela. Eiiiiii !
him: hehehee *sengih* nah amekla. satu makan, satu simpan ye (:
me: Auuuuuwwwww. Thanksssss tauuuuuuu ! *apa lagy. senyum kambeng la aku kan*

Really miss that moment :'( Nak jumpa dia susah kot. Mengalahkan artis ! Haha :D Hoping u`re fine there. Sweet Dream, Sleep tight yea? (:

p/s: wanna know why i posted this entry eh? because i looked through my piccas just now and accidently looked at his pic. Haa. Kan dah jiwang lebeyy ! :D

Much Love//
Imazara Hapiz

Friday, May 13, 2011

Too Young To Marry.

At this particular time, it`s actually past my bedtime. I usually sleep around 12am. And the time now is err 12.40am. Can still considered around 12 is it? :P I think, i never posted anything about marriage right? Or am i wrong? If I`m not mistaken, i never post any. I only posted about friends, about school, loads of work, about argument with besties, about datings and bla bla. Right? Something leads me to mumble about marriage. As I`ve been exposed with so many stories. Sometimes i get to know the stories by watching movies, reading novels, articles from news papers and so on. But this time, i heard so many things about relatives, mum`s friends and etc. And YES. They were all about marriage thingy. I just wondered and always asked to myself,

- Is that hard to stay in a marriage?
- BoyF/GirlF thingy is the same as Wife/Husband thingy?
- What else you want if you have married, you got your job, you have your own family, what else you want?
- The list goes on..

When i was at my auntie`s house, i listened to her story. I hope you take this as 'Iktibar'. It`s not that I told nothing good. I just wanna share. That`s all.

Apa nak jadi tu? Kalau perkahwinan dah bergolak. Isteri mengandung. Suami buat tak endah je. Bila si isteri ajak balek umah mak, bukan main liat lagy. Tarik muka bukan main panjang lagy. Bila dah masuk kereta, dah mulakan perjalanan, singgah sana jap. singgah situ jap. Padahal mak mertua dah panjang-panjang leher mencari, 'Manalah anak aku dengan laki dia ni? Dah sampai mana dah agaknya?' .Bila si suami nak balek umah mak dia, bukan main laju. Cepat jek nak sampai. Tak payah singgah mana-mana. Yang penting, nak sampai cepat !

Macam mana tu? Kenapa sampai dah tak sehaluan? Masa belum kahwin, si isteri tak nampak apa-apa yang buruk lagy pasal si suami. Nampak diam je. Tunduk je. A kata isteri, A+ kata suami. Tak membantah langsung. Tapi sekarang? Susah sangat ke nak sayang isteri? Si isteri tu tengah sarat mengandung. Dah 6 bulan dah. Bila isteri nak balek kampung, si suami buat tak reti je. Si isteri dengan perut boyot tu jugakla tengok mak dia. Drive sendiri. Tiga, empat jam pun takpe. Demi ibu tercinta. Salah ke si suami tu tolong bawakkan isteri tu? Bukan ke mana pon. Ke rumah mertua awak jugak kan? Perlu ke nak berkira bila hidup bersama?

Banyak lagy perkara yang terjadi. Isteri dah lipat kain baju elok-elok, si suami sepak balek baju yang dah lipat tu, pastu suruh isteri dia lipat balek. Apa benda tu? Tu ke caranya nak tunjuk kasih sayang? Apalah salahnya tolong sekali sambil-sambil tengook TV ke. Susah sangat ke? Oh susah eh? Abestu kau tak terfikir ke macam mana susahnya bila si isteri tu penat-penat balek kerja, sempat lagy nak uruskan rumah, makan minum kau, pakaian kau, basuh itu ini. Ada kau hargai? Banyak kali dia masakkan kau. Walau penat macam mana pon, sampai je rumah, terus masakkan untuk kau, kot kot lah kau lapar. Ni tak, dia dah sediakan semuanya, tinggal nak masuk mulut dan perut kau je, kau biar lauk tu tak berusik ! Lain kali dah makan kat luar, apa salahnya kau mesej atau telefon bagitahu. Susah ke?

That one is the first case. One story. I have two stories to tell. This one is the second case.

Dah ada isteri, anak tiga orang. Kau balek lewat malam. Selalu sangat tak balek. Alasan kau, OUTSTATION. Yela. Orang lain kerja, macam tak pernah outstation pulak kan? Dalam pejabat tu, kau sorang je paling sibuk. Sampai tak sempat nak jumpa isteri, anak-anak kau yang berderet tu. Tak sempatlah kan? Sebab kerja banyak sangat. KONON. Suatu hari tu, kau kantoi. Isteri kau dapat tahu, kau main kayu tiga. Dengan pelajar pulak tuh. Pelajar universiti. Isteri dia serang budak tu. Ha tahu cuakk ! Si suami tukar tempat kerja, tapi sekarang makin teruk perangainya. Tak balek rumah. Katanya ada kerja kat JB.

Ada suatu ketika tu, si suami dari JB nak ke KL, so mestila lalu melaka kan? Si isteri tinggal kat melaka. Si isteri dan anak-anak dah lama sangat tak jumpa. Berpakatlah dorang untuk jumpa kat R&R Ayer Keroh. Bukan yang Jejantas tu. Yang lagy satu tu. Nak dijadikan cerita, si isteri lambat sikit sebab beli barang-barang. Si suami teruskan perjalanan dia TANPA menunggu si isteri dan anak-anak yang dah dalam perjalanan dah pun! Salah ke kalau kau tunggu isteri kau kejap? Dahla anak-anak rindukan ayahnya. Macam ni kau layan keluarga kau. Bila dulu nak kahwin, kau kejar sampai dapat. Bila kau dah bosan, bukan nak fikir, apa sebab musabab kau bosan, tapi kau ketepikan terus keluarga kau. Apalah nak jadi..

That was the story. So what can you say about that? In life right now. I still have no idea whether i WILL get married or not. If i cannot find the right one for me, i think i wanna be single forever rather than marrying those kind of man. But my question now, can you confirmed that your choice will be the best? And is he/she will not changed forever? How will you cope that?

It`s hard facing life that full with problems right? And life with no problems feels like you`re a zombie or something. All I can say is, do your prayers, love your family, your friends. Love people as many as you can because there`s nothing much to hate actually. Unless you have problem with that person. Last but not least, be responsible of what you do, think wise before you made any decision. Nothing can change you unless you yourself.

Nite buddies. Sleep tight (:

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Seharian bersama bonda.

Assalamualaikum semua. Sihat ke tak sihat? Bagusssss. Sihat semuanyaaa *Ok. syok sendiri :P

Hari ini. Satu hari aku berjalan dengan si bonda. Penat tak berapa penat jugakla. Sebab naik keta je pon. Bukan jogging or jalan kaki kan? Ok. Apa aktiviti yang kau buat tu Cik Ima? Habaq maii.. So tengah hari tadi dalam pukul 12pm, mak aku ajak gi teman dia buat kad pengenalan. Bukan apa, mak aku nak tukar alamat. Sebab dalam kad pengenalan dia sekarang ni alamat rumah lama kat JB tuh. Tu yang tadi pegyla teman dia tukar kad pengenalan.

Mula-mula tersilap. Kami pegy kat pejabat pos. Hehe. Ayah lah ! Ayah cakap 'Takpe. Kalau nak ganti alamat, kat pejabat pos pon bole.' Sekali pegy sana, dah ambil nombor giliran, dah tunggu untuk ke kaunter, dia cakap tak bole. Kena pegy Pejabat Pendaftaran jugak. Aku bawaklah mak pegy Pejabat Pendaftaran. Kat Seri Negeri Melaka ni je. Nasib baik tak ramai sangat orang.

Bila dah berurusan dengan kaunter, abang tu cakap, boleh ambil kad pengenalan tu petang. Sekarang tak bole. Kitorang dah taktau nak ke mana. Mak kata 'Jomlah kita buat facial.' Bila call tauke tu, dia cakap kedai tutup sebab sibuk dengal function apa ntah sampai ari Jumaat. Dah macam tu pulak ! Pastu idea seterusnya, aku cakap kat mak 'Mak, nak basuh keta lah. Keta kotorlah.' Mak kata Okayy. So pegy cuci keta kat Durian Daun. Ada car wash melayu. Pegy sana je. Ramai pekerja dia. Agak laju la kot? Sebelum cuci keta, singgah gerai tepi jalan jap. Mak teringin nak makan pisang goreng kat situ. Haa belikan mak kejap. Pastu baru ke tempat cuci keta tu. Ramai jugak tapi yelah. Macam aku cakap tadi, orang tu ramai pekerja, masih bole uruskan (:

Siap bagy kat pesanan kat abang tu

Me: Abang, ni seat depan ni nanti bole tolong basuh sikit tak?
Dia: Haa. Nak basuh?
Me: Ha`ah. Sebab macam ada kotor-kotor sikit. Mintak tolong abang gosok-gosok sikit kat sini. Bagy kotoran tu hilang. Bole?
Dia: Ohh. Gosok sikit-sikit tu bole la dik. Basuh tu tak boleh la. Lencun kang tak kering pulakk.
Me: Boleh bang eh? Terima Kasih (:

*sambil makan-makan pisang gorang dengan air tebu, panjang leher aku tengok ke arah MCA. takut-takut abang tu lupa nak buat pesanan aku tadi. Ceh. Padahal risau kalau-kalau MCA dikasari :P *

Dah agak-agak nak abes cuci keta tu, dandan tu jugaklah hujan. Bukan mengeluh, jauh sekali membenci. Tapi yela manusia. Kadang-kadang spontan beraksi tanpa berfikir :P

'Alaa. Dah basuh keta, hujan pulakkk.'

'Ish. Biarlah hujan. Ada cakap macam tu pulak. Ni lah manusia, tak hujan, complaint macam-macam, ni dah hujan, mengeluh pulak.'

'Hehe. Takdelah. tak kesah pon lah. Kan bagus hujan kan mak? (: '

Lepas cuci keta, agenda seterusnya nak ke rumah Mak Teh kat Ayer Molek, Melaka. Tapi nak balek umah dulu. Mak kata mak teh tak masak, jadi nak bungkuskan sikit untuk makcik. Sampai-sampai je umah makcik, dah lepas salam dia, terus gi dapur dia ambil pinggan. Lapar siott. Tadi aku keluar, aku tak jamah pape langsung. Pisang goreng dengan air tebu tulah BRUNCH aku tau. Kesian aku kan? 'Padahal sebelum pegy, mak dah lawa. Suruh makan dulu. Aku yang degil :p' Sampai je umah makcik aku terus terkam pinggan dan terus makan nasi lemak yang mak aku bawak tadi. Agak buruk siku jugaklah kan. Sebab mak bunguskan untuk makcik, tapi anak dia yang sauk dulu. Hampeh la kau ni ima ! :D

Dah abes solat dan makan (aku je. mak aku dah makan kat umah), kami pegy balek Pejabat Pendaftaran tadi untuk amek kad pengenalan baru mak aku tu. Alhamdulillah urusan sempurna je. Laju je mak aku pegy amek IC dia (: Dah amek IC, apa lagy, gerak ke Pejabag Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya lah pulakk. Tingkat 20. Sama bangunan dengan pejabat ayah aku. Ayah tingkat 19, Pejabat SPR tingkat 19. Kosong beb ! Takde orang. Sunyi je. Eh maksud aku, tak ramai pekerja. Kat kaunter ada sorang je. Bagus jugak. Tak banyak keja, nak amek ramai-ramai orang keja sana buat apa kan? Menghabehkan boghehh jo (menghabishkan beras je ! )

Selesai segala urusan. Balek umah! Jejak kaki je masuk umah, aku terus ZZzzzzzzz kat sofa. Pastu rasa panas, mamai-mamai tu, aku angkut semua barang-barang aku tadi bawak naik atas, sambung tido. ZZzzzzz. Sejam je aku dapat tido tau. Sebab akak aku yang sulung tu singgah umah lepas dia habis keja. Husband dia keja. So dia bosan duk umah sorang-sorang. Tu yang dia singgah. Rindu kami kot? :P

Ok. Bai. Wasalam.

Much Love,
Imazara Hapiz

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blush *

p/s: Usually happens to me (; He`s just to sweet until I melt :P

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Muvee Review #1

Assalamualaikum people (:

Yes. As you can see the image up there. The poster of the film 'THOR'. Have you watched this movie? No? Well I`ve watched it just now with the sistas and bro in law. Nice muvee to watch i tell you ! Hee. Actually, we wanna watch Fast & Furious Five but unfortunately it was fully booked and only the front seats were available. We don`t wanna suffer ourselves so we decided to watch THOR. If i could rate this film, i will give 4 and a half stars rating ! Because most of the scenes in the story were great. It can be accepted eventhough it was half real. There`s still fantasy in the story. Fantastic !

p/s: It wasn`t a review is it? Haha ! Sorry. I think i`m too sleepy to type the synopsis of the story :D Nite dude ! I recommend you to watch it. Go & grab your ticketsss :D

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Telephone #1

Asssalamualaikum. Selamat Hari Sabtu Semuaa (:

Wuaarghhhhhhhhh. Aku dapat bercakap dengan si kecik tuh. Haha ! Suka gila kott. Eh bukan aku suka sampai jadi gila ke hape. Kang masuk Tanjung Rambutan kang parah aku. Ok. Jangan merepek Ima. Takde. Tadi baru cakap dengan si kecik Deena. Secomel mamanya (: Puas hati aku. Walaupun sekejap gilagila. Eh. Tolong jangan guna perkataan gila lagi okay? Walaupun sekejap sangat dapat berborak dengan dia, tapi kecomelan dia sangat-sangat lah meruntun jiwa. Ecewah ! Ayat manis di situ :P

B: helo.
M: helo. ye?
B: jap jap. nahh meh cakap.
baby: helo *pelat.
M: haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :D
baby: ni cape? = Ni sape?
M: ni cape? ni deena yea?
baby: haaaa= ha`ah.
M: danish mana?
baby: adaaaaaa tu.
M: mama ada tak?
baby: mama? ada ada.
M: tiba-tiba aku jerit* arghhhhh chumelnyeeeeee ! :D
B: dah puas hati?
M: alaa kejapnyeeeeeeeeeeeee :(
B: dia nak tengok TV lah.
M: Ohh ok. Siot je dia datang tak bagitau kan? GRRRR
B: hehe. dah dah. ok baiii :P
M: yela yela. babaii (:

Kan? Betul la kan aku cakap. Kejap gila kan? Opss. Silap lagi. Kejap sangat dapat borak dengan dia. Dahla comel. Sabar Ima sabar. Anak orang tu. Kang mama dia marah kang sebab aku excited terlebih ! Hahaahaa :D Aku nak letak gambar tapi aku rasa macam tak bestlah. Sebab gambar anak orang kan. Bukan anak aku sendiri. Kang mak dia marah lak suka hati aku je nak letak kat blog dia kan? Heeee.

Kak Eija, anak-anak akak chumel lah. Macam mama dia jugak !! Bukan bodek ni tau kak eija ! :D

That`s all. Saja je nak update. Sebab excited punya pasal ! =.="

Much Love//
Imazara Hapiz

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

B`Day Boy !

*rambut lama*

*rambut baru*

Ahmad Firdaus Bin Abd Hapiz
30th April 1992

Sape mamat dalam gambar di atas? Adakah mamat 'WANTED'? Ye. Tekaan anda tepat sekali. Dah tentunya bukan ! Haha. He`s actually my younger brother. Adik lelaki aku yang teramat degil dan nakal ! :P

You see the date i stated there? Yes. you know what i wanna say out loud here right?

Bro, I just wanna wish you,
Happy 19th B`day !
I hope you will success in your path.
No matter what you do, please remember your family.
I know that you quite`re naughty !
Muka samseng, hati cute :P
Semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki.

Much Lurve,
Imazara Hapiz.

Purrrfect beauty !

Yesterday i went to Unisel to submit my documents to my respective lecturer. So i stayed one night at my mum`s house in PJ. My appointment was at 10.30 am. I woke up early in the morning just to send those things to my lecturer. I went there with Sya, my bestie. I drove there for a few hours then have things to be compiled and wallaa~ heading straight to meet her.

Unfortunately, she wasn`t there. She had her lunch at Fruit Valley, which situated on the way to Rawang. So we waited for about few minutes (Actually about 40minutes because she`s having her lunch there) at the restaurant nearby Faculty to grab lunch. Sya had her nasi campur as her lunch while mine, naaahh~ i don`t eat any. I just drank Limau Ais (: Later after we finished, we waited near her new office at Faculty of Business.

After the submission, i thought about something,

me: Sya, nak pegy Taman Ilmu tak? (Taman Ilmu= umah sewa lama kami)
sya: Haa bole jugak. bole jugak. Jom!

*heading to that area*

me: Sya sya dorang ada lagy kat ctuuuuuuu. Wei, rumah auntie dah takde orang duduk lah.
sya: Ha`ahla. dorang ada lagy. Eh mana kau tahu takde orang duduk umah auntie dah?
me: Cuba kau tengok kat gate tu tulis ape? 'Rumah untuk disewa kan?' Aku sekeh k
au kangg. Tu pon tak nampak !
sya: hehehee. tak perasanlaaa. Baik sini kamera !

*gave the camera to her*

me: wei wei. tangkap gambar keta Wong Mei Rongg !
sya: *tangkap dengan penuh berhati- hati ! * Ima ima, kau jgn jln laju-laju sangat. Aku nak tangkap gambar keta dia ni.
me: yela yela. tangkap banyak-banyak sya ! Aku nak bagy hadiah ni kat Jojo. Muahaahahaa :P

After get things settled. We wanna head back to KL until i found out this another nice place to see. SubhanaAllah ! I`m amazed with this place since the first day we moved in to this area. Tapi tak pernah berkesempatan untuk singgah. So this is the time. Have a look at it.

Very nice place to make your emotion stable and get back to its place (;

My previous rent house with my friends.
Sya, Jojo, Cidot, Ain && Ziera.
All those cars like to park in front or nearby our house.
So terjadinya hasad dengki kadang-kadang
all of us park our cars all over the place.
Paling hebat sekali, park depan umah dorang !
What a memory !

See that? Beautiful huh?
Awan Nano :P

Looking at the nice view of the lake.
Err is it looking or posing Ima?

The bff: Sya.
Lurve you babe!
Thanks `coz you accompanied me yesterday !
Will miss you.

Much Lurve//
imazara hapiz.

*UPDATED: Actually, Wong Mei Rong is not a person. It`s a car ! Hee. The owner has a chinese look. So my friend has a crush on him. Hee. Sweet ~

Di keheningan malam,

Bila dah malam-malam. Tiba-tiba mode rock kasar aku jadi jiwang. Ni yang den maleh ni. Bila malam datang menjengah, mula la den nak emosional. Mana den tak gogham? Hehe ! Tiba -tiba aku teringat susun kata, baris ayat lagu Bila Rindu by Ruffedge..

"Bila rindu, terkenang mu sayang terasa sayu
syahdunya jiwaku bila malam, makin kelam
jauh terbang diriku melayang
aku rindu,sentuhan mu ku rasa sayu
inginkan jiwamu selubungi,jiwa ini, bawa ku dlm pelangi
melepasi segala hati ini"

The Girl Next door.


Why do you choose 'The Girl Next Door' as your Blog`s title?
Firstly, just so you know, i choose it as my blog`s title is because, 'the girl next door' sounds ordinary. Means, a normal girl who walk through simple life, lurve her family and friends. I wanna have a simple yet meaningful title (:

How long you have created this blog?
For a quite some time. I think around two years i guess? I`m not that sure. Haha :D But I`m definitely sure it was more than two years ((:

Personal details?
I`m Imazara Hapiz. Actually that was not my real name. That was my commercial name (Ecewah :P). it`s not that i ashamed to use my full name. The name was created after i thought of a solution. Some of my friends called me Ima while others called me Zara. So for made things easier, i joined the name to Imazara and Hapiz is my father`s name. As easy as A B C right? (: I`m 22 years old this year. I just finished my practicum as a trainee teacher at SMK Ampang Pecah Bestari, Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor Darul Ehsan. The place was near to Batang Kali/ Tanjung Malim, Perak. Now, I`m doing my project paper and yet to graduate.

I have six siblings. I have three sisters && two brothers (Also Known As my heroes and heroins (: ) I am the forth in the family. My parents are working with the Government. My dad works at the Department of Environment Malacca while my mum works at the RTM Angkasapuri, KL. I love my family. I`m sure I can`t live without them. I pray for our happiness and hoping that we will success in our own way.

Favourite Quotes?
Everything happens for a reason. Once you`ve been knocked down, don`t be down there for a long time, try to stand with your own barefoot and struggle yourself and not by other`s help. That`s the best way to success and proud with yourself && Lastly, love yourself before yoy love others ((:

That`s all for now.

Thanks for your time. Keep reading ! :D

Empangan Hulu Selangor.

I was lying on my comfy bed happily `coz finally, i reached my home sweet home (: What a nice smell and fresh air ~ Than, as I get myslef online, I thought of updating my blog which i haven`t put my latest news for a quite some time. I used to share my important things here right? So now, I wanna tell you something. Actually i wanna share my experience going to the Empangan Hulu Selangor. I wasn`t sure about the name of that place `coz I forgot ! Haha. Dumme. i should have captured the signboard that day. Durhh ~ Okay. The thing was, my friends and didn`t plan to go there. We just having our lunch there at Auntie Chacha`s stall at Pekan Kuala Kubu Bharu. Then, my friend suggested to go somewhere before heading back home. She just drive and later, we came across this nice place. I tell you man. Damn Gorgeous ! Seriuosly && Definitely beautiful !! Haha. You don`t trust me do you? Than let me show you..

Here we are..

Ni lah tempat empangan tu. Alur air tu nampak tak? Cantek gila kan?
Cun siot ~
We were so amazed at that time. SubhanAllah !

I went to this place with them (:
Thnx gurls.

The first place we captured picture.
Teehee.Posing nak sopan je kan :P
Sopan? Keras jek. Diri tegak macam nyanyi lagu Kebangsaan :F

This is Jojo.
Nice place huh?

Yeayy ! :P
Jojo && Sya
Lurve them.

The weather was nice at that time.
Such a windy day ~

Sebelum balek, usha awek dulu.
Mana lah tahu anak dato` ke, TengkuRak ke,
Eh silap. tu tengkorak. hee :P
Eh eh. bukan aku yang gatal eh.
Aku jumpa gambar ni dalam memory card camera.
Don`t blame me :P

Before going back, Come && hug the little one.
So sweet ~
Lurve my friends forever !

See? I told you. The place was damn nice right? You should go to this place. This place was on the way to Fraser Hill. If you wanna go to Fraser`s, drop by to this place. You will regret if you didn`t go ! (:

That`s all for now dearie. I update later okay? *Look at the time ! It`s already 1.30am. Arghh ! I need some sleep. Later angels. Daa ~ Take care.

Aloha mates !

Assalamualaikum, Salam Sejahtera && Hello (:

At last ! I managed to update my blog. Hee. So have you seen mine? What? NO? Gosh ! Do you live in other planet or what?? Ahaks ! Kidding ! Actually, I renewed my blog. More fresh and more ermm what should i say? Newbie? Teehee. So I just wanna say, Welcome to my Blog ! It`s actually an old blog but i put my effort to make it more fresh than before. I guess this one is more mature isn`t it? Have fun reading guys ! :D