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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Katy Perry, You Rawkkkk ! :D

California girls
We're unforgettable
Daisy Dukes
Bikinis on top
Sun-kissed skin
So hot
will melt your popsicle
Oooooh Oh Oooooh

California girls
We're undeniable
Fine, fresh, fierce
We got it on lock
West coast represent
Now put your hands up
Oooooh Oh Oooooh

Here we come A`Famosa (:

Another entry ! Weeeee~ Ha i told you before right. If once i update mine, I`ll continue updating eventhough it might be simple thing like what I`ve been doing the whole day, or what have i ate that day. Haha. Lame a bit rite? But hell like i care. It`s my blog what. If u feel it is boring, u`re pleased to get rid outta here. Clear enuff ? (:

So I`ve been travelling to quite a number of places for this sem break. I`m shocked actually ! Hee. Went to many places like these are not even in my list. But then when i was at home alone, i thought about sumthing. "Why people like to come to Malacca but I'm the one who is already here doesn`t even bother?" That`s when i started to fill up my time by going to some beautiful places and at that place, i figured out that Malacca have many interesting places to go. If you go to that place, you will know how to appreciate what has the government did for you. Ngeee xD

That day i went to Jonker Walk, A`Famosa and at last, Dataran Pahlawan. AGAIN ! :P From evening `til night. `Lil bit scary actually. Maybe it`s because the place is historical place, so i feel like a bit goosebump as my fren & i walked across a playground and suddenly i saw a spinning thingy spin by itself ! But i didn`t bother about it and continue walking, then i saw the buaian hayun sendiri. If u`re in my shoes, what will you do? I grab my fren's hand and said to her ' Weyh, cuba kau tengok tu. Buaian dia bergerak sendiri lahh. Tu tu, benda pusing pusing tu pun berpusing sendiri doe' She replied, ' Alaa, ada budak baru lepas main kot tadi. Biarlahh' (We continue walking). Suddenly, that kid himself said to his mom 'Mummy, there`s a ghost playing that thing. It moves by itself !' His family walk like half running. Kalau korang, tak ke cuak? Haha. Lepas tu, kawan aku terus berselawat. Aku tak perasan and tak terfikir pasal selawat pun masa tu. Aku pandang je benda alah tu bergerak. Okay, Bulu roma ternaik sekarang, Wuuaa. Huhu.
Imazara Hapiz

Monday, May 24, 2010

If this is love,

Another post yaw ! haha ;D I'm busy searching for stuff actually. Hee. Not many of them catch my eyes instantly. But these are a part of them that i'm looking forward to. Hey, not that i promise to buy them but i try my best. Weeee~
This bag is simple actually but if you can see he matches the accessories to it. Magic huh? Hee.
Look at that peep toe. Fuhhh, dying to have that ! GRRRR.

K- Drama Geek currently. Ehek ! ;D

As you can read the title above. Haha :D Currently busy watching Korean Drama as i was too boring staying alone at home. Huhu. So i have myself watching these Korean Dramas. Interesting one you know. Why don't you try to watch it okay? Nice drama which they don't have too complicated storyline or sumthing that is hard to understand. It's just a simple love story which is nice to watch (; The dramas are You're Beautiful and another one is Boys Before Flower. I don't really into this K-dramas until i watched them myself. I would prefer to have someone to recommend me rather than i watched them first. Hee.

p/s: Thnx to my angels. They are the one who obsess with the korean thingy. `til one day i watched it myself and terikut sama. weeee~

Imazara Hapiz.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dinner with family at ZEN

I want to update it last nite actually. but my `lil bro wanna use the lappy to search sumthing for his assignment. so i was like, 'Ohh, okay. i can't say anything' Haha. Here it is, last nite, my family and i have a dinner at ZEN, DAtaran Pahlawan. but on our way there, it was sooooooooo pack ! There's people everywhere. There's people getting married, have events and so on. It was like, Ohh such a crowd place ! But we decide to eat and just go home. Not even bother to look around or even window shopping. Duh~ Our dinner went well. I have fish and chips and vanilla caramel. Hummph ! (; Melt in my mouthhhh. Weeeeee~ Haha. When we finished our dinner, we have a `lil chit chat together. My mum told us about our previous time. Masa lahir, sape paling berat, sape paling banyak kerenah, sape paling hensem, sape paling cantik. Heee. And sumthing hillarious here and there. My mum said that my `lil bro is the handsomest ! haha. While, my look is chinese-a-like. My sis is handling 'wad bersalin' now at the Malacca General Hospital. So, she told us a bit about some strange cases about mother to be. As we chit chat, we didn`t realise its already nearly 10pm. FYI, DP is closed around that time. Lame huh? Haha. Welcome to Malacca. Where most of the places will be closed at 10pm. Benci !
Imazara Hapiz.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

It caught my eyes and I can't stand it :p

Hello saturday ! (;
It's saturday ppl. What will be doing these weekend? I don't know what to do. So, my activity for today is just onlining. Weeeeee~ Haha. I read few interesting blogs and end up to e-Bay website. hee. I'm searching for a new handbag. Eh helo, it' s not that i'm wasting my money or what okay. i know that i already have my blue bag. It's just that i wanna have moooooorreeeeeee bag ! (; I scrolled here and there to search for the best and this one bag on e-bay, it's Charles & Keith's. Ohh my my, it's gorgeous babe ! If only i have that right now, i think i can sleep with my eyes open :p I can't copy the image, so i can't show u guys how beautiful it is. Ohh my mistake, it's not that beautiful, i can feel that it will be sooooooo comfortable if i have one. Ehek ehek :p Anyone would buy it for me? I know my b`day is soooooo like monthsssss but it's okay. i can have it like advance present, can i? Haha ;D

Ohh, i forgot to tell u the details huh? Haiyooo. Okay okay, that bag can use in 2 ways, weather it is use as a sling bag and a shoulder bag. It's black and if i'm not mistaken it's leather i guess. Hee.

Imazara Hapiz.

Friday, May 21, 2010

What A Day ! (;

Happy Holiday ppl ! :D Ohh, should i say for those people who have their sem break? Hehe. So friends, it's already a week, what have u all been doing? I already have my konon-konon-best-giler holiday. haha (; Last wednesday, i decided to errr is it renew my Identity Card (IC) ? I don't wanna do it alone, so i forced my friend to accompany me. Ngeeeeee xD The thing was, something happened while doing the process. I didn't have a plenty of money. Just about Rm5 in my purse at that time. so is like, gamble jela datang sana kan. I already ask my friend weather they charged any, she said no. I just go to the counter and do as what he said. Then he said, "Okay, kena bayar Rm10 eh untuk ni" Then i was like, 'Huh? Ada bayaran eh? GULP ! ' Hahaha ;D Muka bajet cover cun lah kan sebab abang tu hensem. Weeeeee~ Serves me right ! Later i told him, 'Err abang, nak cucuk duit jap boleh? Ada ATM kat sini kan? Ingatkan takde bayaran' rush to the nearest ATM. haha. Sumpah malu siot ! Gila tarik muka malu,
Then dah bayar semua and he asked,

Abg tu : Laa, kenapa tak pakai tudung biasa macam ni ( He pointed to my old IC)
Me: Ohh tu. Hehe. ( Mampu senyum jela kan. )

Abg tu: ( Then he asked me this) Kenapa tak pakai cermin mata macam ni? ( Pointed AGAIN )
Me: Errmmm. ( Silence between us. Hee. DLM HATI AKU: Ek eleh, banyak
cekadak pulak mamat ni. Haha ;D )

That's the thing. I had a great day that day `coz after that, my friend suggested to go to the Taman Seribu Bunga. Just in front of the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negeri (JPN). But before that, we went to MYDIN Ayer Keroh. We lepak lepak there at the foodcourt and had ourselves an ice cream (; Yummy ! So, as a conclusion, I HAVE A GREAT GREAT DAY ! Weeee. Thanx babe !