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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Muvee Review #1

Assalamualaikum people (:

Yes. As you can see the image up there. The poster of the film 'THOR'. Have you watched this movie? No? Well I`ve watched it just now with the sistas and bro in law. Nice muvee to watch i tell you ! Hee. Actually, we wanna watch Fast & Furious Five but unfortunately it was fully booked and only the front seats were available. We don`t wanna suffer ourselves so we decided to watch THOR. If i could rate this film, i will give 4 and a half stars rating ! Because most of the scenes in the story were great. It can be accepted eventhough it was half real. There`s still fantasy in the story. Fantastic !

p/s: It wasn`t a review is it? Haha ! Sorry. I think i`m too sleepy to type the synopsis of the story :D Nite dude ! I recommend you to watch it. Go & grab your ticketsss :D

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