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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Purrrfect beauty !

Yesterday i went to Unisel to submit my documents to my respective lecturer. So i stayed one night at my mum`s house in PJ. My appointment was at 10.30 am. I woke up early in the morning just to send those things to my lecturer. I went there with Sya, my bestie. I drove there for a few hours then have things to be compiled and wallaa~ heading straight to meet her.

Unfortunately, she wasn`t there. She had her lunch at Fruit Valley, which situated on the way to Rawang. So we waited for about few minutes (Actually about 40minutes because she`s having her lunch there) at the restaurant nearby Faculty to grab lunch. Sya had her nasi campur as her lunch while mine, naaahh~ i don`t eat any. I just drank Limau Ais (: Later after we finished, we waited near her new office at Faculty of Business.

After the submission, i thought about something,

me: Sya, nak pegy Taman Ilmu tak? (Taman Ilmu= umah sewa lama kami)
sya: Haa bole jugak. bole jugak. Jom!

*heading to that area*

me: Sya sya dorang ada lagy kat ctuuuuuuu. Wei, rumah auntie dah takde orang duduk lah.
sya: Ha`ahla. dorang ada lagy. Eh mana kau tahu takde orang duduk umah auntie dah?
me: Cuba kau tengok kat gate tu tulis ape? 'Rumah untuk disewa kan?' Aku sekeh k
au kangg. Tu pon tak nampak !
sya: hehehee. tak perasanlaaa. Baik sini kamera !

*gave the camera to her*

me: wei wei. tangkap gambar keta Wong Mei Rongg !
sya: *tangkap dengan penuh berhati- hati ! * Ima ima, kau jgn jln laju-laju sangat. Aku nak tangkap gambar keta dia ni.
me: yela yela. tangkap banyak-banyak sya ! Aku nak bagy hadiah ni kat Jojo. Muahaahahaa :P

After get things settled. We wanna head back to KL until i found out this another nice place to see. SubhanaAllah ! I`m amazed with this place since the first day we moved in to this area. Tapi tak pernah berkesempatan untuk singgah. So this is the time. Have a look at it.

Very nice place to make your emotion stable and get back to its place (;

My previous rent house with my friends.
Sya, Jojo, Cidot, Ain && Ziera.
All those cars like to park in front or nearby our house.
So terjadinya hasad dengki kadang-kadang
all of us park our cars all over the place.
Paling hebat sekali, park depan umah dorang !
What a memory !

See that? Beautiful huh?
Awan Nano :P

Looking at the nice view of the lake.
Err is it looking or posing Ima?

The bff: Sya.
Lurve you babe!
Thanks `coz you accompanied me yesterday !
Will miss you.

Much Lurve//
imazara hapiz.

*UPDATED: Actually, Wong Mei Rong is not a person. It`s a car ! Hee. The owner has a chinese look. So my friend has a crush on him. Hee. Sweet ~

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