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Sunday, April 10, 2011


tengah fikir nak stop blogging or not. hurmm. i think i wanna have my own personal diary. perhaps i can keep all the secrets inside and only the special one can read it. ahaks :D we see how it goes first yeh? *still thinking*

lateerhh dude ! daa~


counting days for youu to come home.
cepat balekk :'(

p/s: padahal baru je bertolak 2jam lepas :P
Take Care sygg ! (:

Friday, April 01, 2011

Need a therapy perhaps.

Assalamualaikum everyone ((:

Hey it`s weekend ! Gotta get yourself some refreshment ! Anything baby. Movie marathon will do, or you can get yourself a massage for the wholeeeeee body. Must feeling great i tell youu. Hee.

So it`s weekend and i think i wanna have some rest to my head and ignored thoseeee tasks for a while. I can`t seem to decide what i wanna do. But in my head right now, i feel like wanna watch muvee with my mum (: Then i think i will get something fer me. It means i have to shop ! :D Shopping is the best therapy for me i guess. I don`t shop too frequently. I will shop and buy something if i really need something. And the time is nowwww ! Haha. I`m craving for a new handbag. I guess i wanna go to Charles & Keith perhaps. And shoess too ! I wanna get a wedgy ! Mine was not that beautiful anymore. haha. We`ll see how it goes okay ((:

P/S: Please be patient when dealing with the things ima. Or else you will regret buying things you don`t need !

Boo me.