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Sunday, May 22, 2011

visit the `lil sistah (;

Assalamualaikum dan Salam Satu Dunia people :')

Ecewah kau Ima, siap nak salam satu dunia lagi kau kan? :F Today is Sunday && tomorrow`s Monday. I bet there`s people out there yang panjangggggggg je muncungnya. Hehe. Because tomorrow`s working day peopleee. So get yourself prepared okay?

Yesterday i met my youngest sistah at her hostel. She called me yesterday evening to remind me,

she: Ahn Nyeoung Seh Yo ! :D * i heard her giggles.
me: ya ya Ahn Nyeong ! :P Nak ima datang pukul bape ni?
she: Urmm. Ima datang jap lagy dalam pukul 4.30pm bole tak?
me: Ha okayy. Lagy 5 minit ima sampai. Tunggu kat bawah yea.
she: Okayy. Saranghaeyo !
me: Lurve ya too. Bye !

*Her school is actually 5minutes driving from our home. She entered the school is because of no one will care about her. I mean, there`s no one at home to look after her. At home only have my dad & my bros only. At that time, i was busy with college thingy. Not that frequent going back home ya knowwww. *

So i met her yesterday at her hostel. I lend her my MP4 for her to listen. Because it`s weekend kan. Let she has something for entertainment. Auwwww nice sister she got right :') *watevah. Then she remind me again.

she: Ima esok datang lagy tau.
me: What time do you want me to come?
she: Around this time jelaa.
me: Call me. Takut ima lupa :P
she: Yelaa. Please bring Big Apple for me? *puppyeyes*
me: Big Apple? Nak epal merah atau hijau? ahahhahahaa :F
she: Ima jahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatt !
me & her laughinggggggg :D

Just now around 3.15pm, i went to Jusco Bandaraya Melaka to buy her J.Co. It`s too crowded if i wanna go & buy Big Apple. Because it is at the Banda Hilir town. && There were loadssss of cars. Tak sanggup ! After i grabbed her J.Co donnuts, i went to the supermarket and bought 3 bottles of Yogurt drink. Actually, they got promotion for that. So i was like WAAAAHHH BOLEH DAPAT BANYAK DENGAN SEPULUH RINGGIT? :D <----- mulut ternganga tau :P I bought and rushed to the car. It is so crowded. The car park also full ya knoww. Damn~

Later, i reached her place around 4.20pm and headed to the guard house.

me: Nak panggil Farah Wahida bole tak?

She walked behind me and hugged me from the back. Auwwwww. She missed me :') *padahal aku perasan :P*

she: Ingatkan orang lain sebab macam tinggi semacam jek!
me: Hello. Your sister ni tall jugak okayy.
she: ahaha. You look beautiful today.
me: Errrr. You want me to belanja you or you wanna some money?
she: Syiling pon boleyy. Hahhaa. Kiddin`

So, she ate the donnuts, drink the yogurt drink and have chit chat with her for a while. Then i went back :)

See? I can snap photo with donnut in my hand :P


Yogurt Drinks.
Awesome >3

Yea. We pretty much the same kan?
Macam kawan je. Padahal adik beradik.
She`s taller than me BTW.

peace yawww.

Miss ya sis.
Can`t wait for u to come home.
Take care.

Toodles people.
Take a good care of yourselves as so many acid splashers cases nowadays.

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