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Thursday, May 19, 2011

When my mind tends to be carried away.

Read the statement up there.

What do you think? Do you agree with that?

No it`s okay. Just keep the answer to yourself.

It just came across to my mind. && All i ever think of is him. I always asked to myself, if it happens to you, do you really think you are strong enough to face it? You said that he means the world to you. But he didn`t feel that you meant anything to him. How`s that? Urgh. The statement makes my eyes watery :'( I just can`t stand. I had enough. I`d faced so many challenges since last year. I had stand with my own two bare foot ! I ignore all sayings ! People`s rumors i heard, i faced it alone. What else? Don`t take him too can you? Even now, hurmmm. Maybe it is the time i have to move on. And i mean ALONE. Previous years, when i was in college, i had someone to share my stories with. Arghhh. They do not need anymore. I`m nothing. I believe that people do come and go. SOMEONE LEAVES FOOTPRINT IN YOUR HEART WHILE THE REST LEAVES FOOTPRINT ON YOUR FACE ! Just remember that. Some will love you and some will hate you. Bare in mind, you just can`t pleased everyone. You just do what you have to do. I really really hope that i have a bright future. I really hope that i will get a better life more than i have now. I really appreciate people around me that always support me whenever i`m down. But i always remember, i cannot rely on people. I must be independent person and i WILL make changes from now on. I will be a better person than now. I hope so. Amin Ya Rabbal Ala min..

I`ve read through all messages on facebook. Each and every time my eyes stops at his name, i wonder, did he ever think of me? did he miss me? and what i did was smiling (: Even though i may not know, but at least i know that myself does. I hope you are in good health condition. Sorry if my attitude annoys you. && Sorry if you ever think that i`m that bored. Because i know that i`m not that attractive and interesting. Take care.


  1. alolo. jgnla nanges pulak baca entri ni dikk :D biasala. emo emo gak kekdg akak nehh :P