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Saturday, May 16, 2009

to her; with honor.

wow.can't believe it ! this is my the really really first blog ever ! ahaha :) so, i wanna share my exciting moments with y'll (ceceyy bajet ade pembace la kann.ahaha :) ). hurm,actually, last thursday, my grandma juz passed away. guess what, i have no grandparents.huhu. doesn't feel like wanna celebrate raya eid this year.huhu ~ but we're human being's the order of life. life must go on ima ! (berkobar2 la konon neh.ngeh ngeh ! ) after handling the kenduri arwah, we slept there at our paksu's house. but my bros n eldest sis went back that night becoz she have to work the day after while my lil bro got an i slept there with my other sis n parents. i really felt lost. she had babysit me for a quite a long time. and i know, i'm not that lil gurl who will sit still. i'm the one who likes adventures. FYI, i climb the roof top of my house when i was 3,4 years old.hahha (gler an aku neh? agaga xD ) seriously,i like doing sumthing that thrills's quite pity to those that have to babysit me or to handle me. to my late fatihah to you is one of my appreciation after all your kindness.i love u with all my heart n soul ~