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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Empangan Hulu Selangor.

I was lying on my comfy bed happily `coz finally, i reached my home sweet home (: What a nice smell and fresh air ~ Than, as I get myslef online, I thought of updating my blog which i haven`t put my latest news for a quite some time. I used to share my important things here right? So now, I wanna tell you something. Actually i wanna share my experience going to the Empangan Hulu Selangor. I wasn`t sure about the name of that place `coz I forgot ! Haha. Dumme. i should have captured the signboard that day. Durhh ~ Okay. The thing was, my friends and didn`t plan to go there. We just having our lunch there at Auntie Chacha`s stall at Pekan Kuala Kubu Bharu. Then, my friend suggested to go somewhere before heading back home. She just drive and later, we came across this nice place. I tell you man. Damn Gorgeous ! Seriuosly && Definitely beautiful !! Haha. You don`t trust me do you? Than let me show you..

Here we are..

Ni lah tempat empangan tu. Alur air tu nampak tak? Cantek gila kan?
Cun siot ~
We were so amazed at that time. SubhanAllah !

I went to this place with them (:
Thnx gurls.

The first place we captured picture.
Teehee.Posing nak sopan je kan :P
Sopan? Keras jek. Diri tegak macam nyanyi lagu Kebangsaan :F

This is Jojo.
Nice place huh?

Yeayy ! :P
Jojo && Sya
Lurve them.

The weather was nice at that time.
Such a windy day ~

Sebelum balek, usha awek dulu.
Mana lah tahu anak dato` ke, TengkuRak ke,
Eh silap. tu tengkorak. hee :P
Eh eh. bukan aku yang gatal eh.
Aku jumpa gambar ni dalam memory card camera.
Don`t blame me :P

Before going back, Come && hug the little one.
So sweet ~
Lurve my friends forever !

See? I told you. The place was damn nice right? You should go to this place. This place was on the way to Fraser Hill. If you wanna go to Fraser`s, drop by to this place. You will regret if you didn`t go ! (:

That`s all for now dearie. I update later okay? *Look at the time ! It`s already 1.30am. Arghh ! I need some sleep. Later angels. Daa ~ Take care.

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