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Thursday, June 02, 2011

#Kawin kawin

Assalamualaikum & hello people (;

Yea. If u realise, the entry before was actually a mistake done by my sis. haha ! She used my lappy and just easily update her blog && later she realised that it`s my account ! :D She asked me to delete it. but i kinda 'lazy' eventho i have like FREETIME coz only stayin' home :P Nah~ it`s okay. At least my blog is updated rightttt? :D

Actually i wanna tell you guys about the wedding ceremony i went with my family at Banting, Selangor. The newly wed couple was actually my neighbour. His family lived just two houses from mine. So they invited us to attend the ceremony at Telok Panglima Garang, Banting. We joined the 'Rombongan' from the guy`s side.

The 'akad nikah' went well. Her husband managed to 'Lafaz Akad' only once. The hubby was wearing a white baju melayu with songkok on his head. Then for his beautiful wife, she was wearing a nice pair of baju kurung moden if i`m not mistaken coz i`m not that aware. She was so damn beautiful that night :')

The day after was their MAJLIS PERSANDINGAN, the theme was pink ! I think it was my first time seeing couple wearing that color. Ohsem ! Scroll down later to see the pictures okayy? Not that many actually because we didn`t bring our camera. I just took from the lil sisters. This ceremony was on the girl`s side. While the guy`s side will be held on this fine Saturday. Hope everything`s gonna be alright.

Congrats to you abg Nik & kak Anis. Both of you are amazing couple. Semoga kekal jodoh hingga ke akhir hayat :')

Let me share the pictures with y`ll (:

Rombongan pihak lelaki.

I came with my parents & my lil sis.
Oh yea. She is not that little isnt she?

Muka bahagia dah lepas makan

Wajib berangan tau.

The neighbour :)

Majlis Persandingan Pihak Perempuan

Photo shoot selepas sesi potong kek.
Auwwww, so sweet right?

Nak balek dah.

p/s: Bila dah pergi majlis-majlis perkahwinan ni. Biasalah, mesti tetamu turut tumpang gembira dan tumpang berangan. Ok. Bai :P

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

One Day - Official Trailer [HD]

Movies on my list:
One Day
It's so romantic.
Anne Hathway speaks British here.
I can speak British as well,like:
"Do you fancy a cup of coffee?":P
Anyone wish to accompany me for this movie?
You are almost welcome.