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Friday, July 01, 2011

Interview #1

Assalamualaikum people. Miss me? :P

Yea. It was a month since i didn`t update my blog right? Reallyyyy sorry yah. But i know, no one bothers pon. It`s okayyyyy. I`m still here. Living in a good condition. Tip top meletoppp! :D ok. Back to the first thing i wanna post here actually. Suka je nak melalut. Benci tau :P Ok. I had my interview at Maybank Bukit Jelutong few days back. I went there from Melaka with my sister. She accompanied me because she also had her interview at Menara Perkeso which was for Rakyat Holding. Mine was at 11am while my sister`s was at 2.30pm. It seems to be so chaos at that time because hey, guess what? I forgot to photostat the documents for the interview. Isn`t that just great? Urgh. So i walked from that place to the nearest shop houses. Luckily they have bookshop there. I photostat mine and rushed back to Maybank.

They have two stages for the interview. The first stage was for just a ice-breaking. They wanna see your capability in conversing in English language and the requirements needed for the company.

The last sentence was 'If you were selected, how long do you think you will be with Maybank Group?'

The first stage ended pretty well and i`m quite confident. But when it comes to the second stage. Mai God i tell you ! Pretty scary. Because at that time, you have to compete with others. They were also passed the first stage. So if you wanna walk through the second stage, you have to really confident with what you have and your words must run smoothly.

I failed the second stage because (i guess) it was because of my requirements. I was in education field but why the heck i wanna join different else right? AND (i guess) they told me that they once have TESLian in the company. That guy only managed to work 1-2 months before he resigned. So maybe they don`t wanna have that 'virus' again in the company. Pity me right? But hey, it`s okay. Maybe it`s not my future there. I should try my very best next time and do not give up. F I G H T I N G ima ! (:

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