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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Constantly changed.

I just don`t know what to say. Ohh, btw, Assalamualaikum & Hello people. Long time no see. Eh silap. It`s been a long time i haven`t update my blog. huhu. There`s nothing to say. But, hurmmm. How to explain eh? I just can`t keep my problems alone. I will be so depress and i will be crying so bad and i know it`s not good for me.

But, i wanna know something la, what do you feel when you go online surfing, click here and there and suddenly you wanna GOOGLE your boyfriend`s ex girlfriend. Then you end up reading her blogs and etc. At one particular point, you see something seems like this,

A: when and who is your first kiss?
B: 2004. TTTTTTT. My first kiss ((:

TTTTTTTT is your somebody now, BY THE WAY.

Now you know that she was your somebody`s first kiss before.

Yea. something like that. So, if you love your somebody that much then you know that she was her FIRST LOVE before, how do you feel?

p/s: Menyesal aku baca. Ish ! Terus bad mood :/

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