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Sunday, April 11, 2010

I gotta feeling,

Assalamualaikum and Hello Bloggers ! (; It's been quite a while i ignore these blog-thingy. It's just that if i have my mood to blog, my posts will be like a bundle, but when I don't have that feeling, i just ignore them. Hehe.

Actually, I arrived here at Uni at about an hour before. I unpacked my things, I had my lunch at 4pm, then i started to browse the net until now.

I had a very tough month. It makes me sooooo damn tired ! My life is like upside down. Sometimes i felt like I'm sooooo free, have no assignments and sometimes I have loadsss of them. I still can't manage my time properly. Seriously! -.-"

For this coming week, I will be so damn busy with the micro teaching, tests, presentation and others. After that, i will be having MUET exams. Can you imagine how my WONDERFUL life is? Duh.

p/s: Can you give me a break? I had enuff !

Imazara Hapiz.

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