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Monday, February 15, 2010

V'day (;

Today is Monday. What i did for today was...

Going to the new JJ with my sis, my lil bro n her gf (; Not so bad lah that place. It's just that today seems to be so warm, i don't know why. But i guess it's all because of the Global Warming riteee. Huuu. We went there at 12noon. So paham paham jela. If it's noon, restaurants n food courts are the most pack place ! ahaha. Sampai seat semua penuhh ! Sabar jela. Dahla tengah hari kan? Panasss jek. Takpe. Cik Ima kan penyabar *Ayat sgt geli okay !;p * Kitorang jalan jalan. Cik Ima kita mampu cuci mata je. Sebab dia takde duit. Dah pokai habis. Serious ! ahaha. *padan muka aku* My sis banyak beli baju. Sale yang amattt ! Tadi usha heels. Heels amat memuaskan but unfortunately, Money doesn't love me like I do. ahaha. Takpe Takpe. Kumpul duit banyak banyak. Lepas ni nak beli heels pulak (; It's quite a long time I haven't upload pictures right? So presentinggg..Hee.

V'day (;

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