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Friday, April 30, 2010

If I'm willing to tell you, but unfortunately I can't,

Hey hey. Already arrived home yesterday at about 6pm. urgh ! so tired. driving alone makes me sleepy. but Yes! i'm home. hehe. but its not my semester holiday yet. i still didn't sit any of the papers yet. it will start on this monday, May 3. huhu. since everyone posted at their status about leaving their U's, I'm quite sad ;( They had finished their's, but what about me? I really hope i am able to do very well in all of the subjects this sem. ohh Please Pelase ;( !

Ohh btw, i received a 'Love Letter' from someone. Cool huh? Haha. Lucky me? Ohh no thank you. Don't you ever say that okay. Hate it so much since the 'Love Letter' that i mentioned just now was a summon that i had to pay. haha. Serve me right ! Its okay. I learned my lesson (;

Actually, yesterday i've been blog-walking to some of the blogs and made me wanna update mine (; Many stories that i'd like to share but it' out of my willing. haha. i will try my best okay ! so Wait a moment. i wanna upload some of the pictures that had been snapped around a few weeks back. I will post them on the next post okay.

Imazara Hapiz

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