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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tsk Tsk.

Mum: Ima, cepat siap. Kita take away Pizza Hut pastu pergi jumpa adek.
Ima: Ye makkk. Jap jap. Nak siap ni.

Just now my mum & I went to meet my lil sis at her hostel. *kesian dia tak dapat balek. Huu. I saw she smiled along her way from her hostel to the car. If i look at her, I see the reflection of myself sometimes. Miss her so much actually. Because since the last school holiday that day, i don't have the chance to meet her. *rindu kat dia. sbb dia je yang suka layan aku. Haha ;D

So just now, i captured some sweet photos of the three of us. (; Can't wait to see her again. If i'm not mistaken, when i started my sem break, the school will have their break also right?

Ohh i forgot. Just now she asked me,

Adek: Ima, fara makin gelap ke?
Ima: Ha'ah. gelap. Asal? Berjemur ke hape? Fara ni anak angkat kot kan mak? *Laughed annoyedly to her*
Adek: Eiii jahatla. dahla pergi balek laaa.
Ima n Mak: Haha. Dah dah. makan cepatt.

p/s: I like to spend my time with them. Felt like the whole world is ours (; LOVE YOU !

Imazara Hapiz.

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