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Sunday, April 11, 2010



Yes ! Finally we manage to date after it has been a long time we didn't meet each other. Excited? Ofcourse I am. Can you imagine you were in my shoes? What i had gone through these few months, can you do that? En-Oo.NO! Only me myself knows how crap my life was. But thanks to my friends, who were there for me when I'm sad or even happy. Ohh Hugss * So, I met him yesterday. We went to KLCC to watch that Stiletto thingy. But unfortunately, I can't give 5 Stars because that muvee is just too simple. It's just don't have its speciality u know. It's just the same like other malay muvee. *saje la gedik gedik nak tengok. Rupanya. Hummph!

After that, we had our lunch together and we spend our time at the lake. We cherish every moments, wishing the moments won't end. But how unlucky we were..

p/s: Muah !

Imazara Hapiz

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