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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Miss Specky !

Ehem ehem. You can read the title clearly right? Or you want me to spell it one by one? Haha. Yes. At last ! I have a new specs. haha. Penat gwa tunggu. Last month, i really really wanna buy it but then i already bought the lenses. so i postponed it. There you go (: I wore the last spec for about nearly 4 years u know. That`s why i wanna have the new one. And guess what? My power increased ! Bukan sikit okay. Banyak ! PLUS, dah ada silau dah. Terima Kaseh mata. aku memang sayang kau lah =_=" So, here are some pictures that had been captured by me. Yeay !

Ignore the background guys. Teehee ;")

p/s: Kinda same like the old one. But they said that these kinda brand new. So i just grab it. Agak agak tak suka, beli lain.

xoxo, Imazara Hapiz

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