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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cerita Kedai Kopi :P

Hello sunday (:

Last friday, my family and i went to JB. My mum`s friend invited us to her daughter`s wedding. There were two invitation. One was at Bandar Baru Uda and another one is at Taman Gembira, near Kempas if i`m not mistaken. Both were on saturday. We got off after the officehour on that friday, after my dad was back from his office. At that time, the weather was like so-so. But then when we were at the highway, it was raining cats and dogs man ! * see the pictures below for more info :P The view was veryy blurr. Even me myself, i can`t see clearly. Pity my dad. We were so slow and others vehicle also. So we arrived Jb at about 9pm, after we stopped at Machap for a prayer and dinner. Then we dropped by Daus to his bff`s house for sleepover * He will laugh everytime i said that he has a BFF. He felt odd when a guy has BFF. Maybe he felt like a gay. Hahaha :D After dropped him by, we headed straight to the hotel, unpack our luggage and refresh ourselves before went out again to go to my kampung. We had a chitchat with mama (my auntie) and went back to our hotel. Ohh before that, my `lil sis complained that she was hungry. At that time was nearly 12am okay. So my mum was like.. 'Ohh okay. kita beli burger jela. boleh?' My sis nodded. It feels like awkward when a mum when leparking with her princesses at a burger stall while all the guyssssssssssss at that time were watching world cup. Yess. WORLD CUP. haha :D Semua pandang pelik ke arah kami. Well hello. kami tak layan world cup. kami just nak beli makanan okay! Haha. Off to sleep after that. Zzzzzz.
Look at the view. It`s very blurr.
That saturday morning, before heading to the wed`s house, we went to Pasir Gudang to look at our house that we rented to poly students. Just for a while. Tunjuk keprihatinan tuan rumah kepada penyewa :P After that, makaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan time. 2houses beybeh ! Things settled and went back to malacca. We had to rush back because my dad had to go to the Perasmian SUKMA at Stadium Hang Jebat. * Datangla melaka. Melaka bestt. haha. Tetibe jek promote Melaka :PThis is when we were at Larkin. There`s Pasar Tani there. My mum beli cendol. Dia terliur ! :P

I slept after tired of eating :P at this time, my dad exchange position with my mum. Turn ayah pulak nak tido (;

p/s: My sem break is nearly over. I don`t want it to be over ;(

Imazara Hapiz


  1. ahhaha :D helo, i tdo sopan okay :P

  2. cehh, air liur meleleh! ingt i tak nampak ke? wakaka