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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Week Review. Hee.

Assalamualikum, heylo ! (:

How are you guys doing? Mine is okay. Hehe. So, i had done so many things but can`t find the right time to update my blog. Teheee. sorry yaw! I will do the review of what I`d done the last a couple of days.

Last thursday, done nothing much. I just fetch my `lil sis from her hostel as the day after is a public holiday which is Wesak Day. I spend time with her that evening by playing badminton. Weee~ I will play badminton with her only u know. because she`s the only one who treated me nicely. haha. Layan je kepala akak dia sorang ni. My other siblings like rather doing things alone. If i ask them to join me to do sumthing, they will rather say 'Alaahh, malaslah..' So, my `lil sis is the one who won`t object what i said. haha. Love you fara ! xD

On the Wesak Day, I can`t recall. haha. i forgot what I`d done that day. Dush ! :P But i remember that i ate durian ! Weee (: That night, my eldest sis brought home Big Apple Donnuts. That`s all i can remember. Hee.

Last saturday, i follow my parent and my `lil sis went back to our hometown at Muar as my uncle had done the operation. I forgot to ask my mum the reason of that matter. Before we`re going back, we went to 3 houses of wedding invitations. We`re so full until at the last house, we`re able to eat their desert only ! Lucky day huh? Hehe. My mum is the happiest person because she said 'Wah, bagusla. Mak tak payah masak hari ni.' Haha. My mum always like that. She likes to sit and have a rest all day. Even sometimes, she prefer to eat McD rather than cooking. :D

The 2 days before, I went to Dataran Pahlawan for shopping ! :D I brought my accompany along. Sape lagy kalau bukan Cik Syahidah saya. hehe. I got myself a new bag, a new wedges & a new shirt. Then i bought another long sleeve shirt. U know what, i already paid it n just grab the plastic bag. After that i bought drinks for us then i realised that the staff gave me the wrong thing ! She didn`t give me that particular shirt. She gave me a man sandal. Urgh ! I went back to that store and it`s already CLOSED. Dem yu ! Sabar jela aku. I have a look at that sandal. size 6. black sandal. i told my mum and she said, returned it back n exchanged it. i told my `lil bro and he smiled. He said 'Ehh, tiba tiba muat pulak sandal ni.' Haha. I knew what he meant, which was he wanted that sandal. so i gave him. but it`s okay. Burnt jela duit tu. Huu.
p/s: If you buy sumthing, have a look at your plastic bag first. Make sure that what you already pay is what you purchased !

Imazara Hapiz

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