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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Do this tag ! (:

This tag thingy was taken from miss fatin amirah. she`s my neighbour. Hee. Akak amek ye aten nye tag ni. mengisi masa lapang lah katakan (: Enjoy reading guys..

5 brand that you like the most
= voir
= vincci
= goggles
= guess
= roxy

5 countries that you want to go
= Singapore
= Indonesia
= Paris
= Aberythwyth, Wales (Rindu giler ! ;( )
= Australia

5 countries that you do not want to go
= Israel
= Greenland
= Denmark ( I hv no idea. haha )
= Thailand
= India

5 item that you like the most
= Shoes shoes shoess ! :D
= tops
= gadgets
= Accessories
= shawl !

5 people that you love the most
= family is my priority
= the boyfriend
= besties
= friends
= if u love me, i will love u (:

5 people that you hate the most
= hypocrites
= like to talk shits
= a lier
= who can`t respect others
= who don`t know how to appreciate themself

5 color that you like the most
= pink
= turqoise
= baby blue
= white
= orange

5 color that you dislike the most?
= grey
= black
= stricking red
= dark green
= color that doesn`t match

5 things that you dream the most
= own a car
= own a house
= dream job
= happy family (:
= money come near me please? Hee.

5 of your positive character.
= friendly
= loveable
= have a helping hand i guess?
= reti nak sejukkan hati sendiri. hebat bukan?
= pandai masak air.haha (malas nak pikir bende lain dah)

5 of your negative character
= cried easily. agree with me? haha :P
= likes to wake up late. hehe.
= i don`t prefer to work (not now please)
= emotional unstable sumtimes
= kepala otak lembab macam siput ! :P

5 moments that you miss the most
= Langkawi with the babes (:
= date with the boyfriend
= family gathering
= holidays
= spend time with the besties

5 moments that you do not want to remember at all?
= embarressing moments where i used to cry outside of the classroom everytime when there`s an english class. i hate english before but now i loooooooove english ! (:

= jatuh tersadung kat tengah2 kantin. malu doe =.="

= Aku pernah tak layan kawan2 aku selama sehari. sangat bersalah rasanya hingga kini. kejam aku ni. Huu.

= Tiap2 kali aku pindah sekolah, kene introduce diri and asyik kena duk paling belakang dalam class. tu pasal aku kene pakai specs. (eceh, specs pulak yang salah :P )

= Beberapa kali aku kene buli time skolah dulu. Baik sekolah rendah or sekolah menengah. kesian aku kan? Mentang2 aku skema giler. Hmmph !

5 positive characters of your best buddy
= kind
= happy go lucky
= supportive
= gives shoulder to cry on
= a helping hand

5 things that you happy to do the most (Of your entire life)
= Shopping
= Holiday
= Lepaking
= Dating
= Spend time with the loved ones

5 things that you regret the most
= Dulu orang lain study bagai nak giler, aku cool jek. baca jugak, tapi tak segigih mereka. padan muka aku :P

= Nak SPM tapi masih bole main2. gi tuition tapi tak concentrate. padan muka aku !

= Dulu suka memberontak. jahat aku ni. huhu

= Suka marah tak tentu pasal. kesian kat mereka yg jd mangsa aku. ampun !

= Belajar fizik main2. tp cita2 nak jd arkitek. sengal. haha.

Single question

Favorite animal?
= cat

Favorite quote?
= tears are the words that the heart can`t say

Favorite actor?
= Lee Min Ho, Hero Boys Over Flower (Currently. sbb dia hensem. haha )

Favorite actress?
= Liyana Jasmay

Favorite things that you do when you are alone?
= Scroll back to the photo albums before ;(

Favorite website?
= Blogspot.

Favorite moment
= Spend time with family

Favorite sport?
= play badminton but i like to watch soccer. haha.

Favorite vegetable?
= calary/ celery (i`m not sure with the spelling. weeee. haha )

Favorite comedies
= encik kacang (MR BEAN :P )

Tag this to 10 person.
= JaaSyg (:
= sina
= cidot
= jo
= zharul
= lovely emy
= lulu
= belle
= ayeem
= anyone? (:

Imazara Hapiz


  1. haha!

    malas laa nak wat keje camni!
    takde idea nak tulis tp u tau kan
    apa yg i suka n x suka! :)

    love u syg!

  2. he3. eii cubit kang ! :P yela yelaa. orang tu bz keje kan. i paham.