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Friday, June 11, 2010

Countless entries for today !

Hey guys (: I don`t know how many entries that i`ve updated for today. haha :D I don`t know. I guess today is a boring day for me eventhough i went to Melaka River Cruise to have a ride. Went there with my parent, `lil sis, her friend n her sister. It`s about 45minutes ride. Nice to look at the view. And at that time, the Permaisuri Agong are there, having the ride. Yelah, permaisuri agong nak lalu kan, so kitorang nye bot kene tahan jap. bagy dia lalu duluu. ok. yela. Hmmph ! I have a look at their boat, they`d been served with drinks. Wow! Bot aku tade lak kau nak bagy camtuh kan? Ok. *Jeles* Haha. So after that, we just ate ice-cream and went back home. umah aku dengan tempat tu bape minit jeh. Kitorang pegy balek baru sejam. Haha. Naseb baik aku tak make up ke apa kan. Kalau tak, saket gak hati. Teehee (; I`m waiting for the photos from that gurl. Later i update the pics keyh ! Nyte peeps.

p/s: I used to update my blog whenever i get bored. And when i`m bored, i tend to post so many entriesssssssss. haha :D

Imazara Hapiz.

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