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Friday, May 21, 2010

What A Day ! (;

Happy Holiday ppl ! :D Ohh, should i say for those people who have their sem break? Hehe. So friends, it's already a week, what have u all been doing? I already have my konon-konon-best-giler holiday. haha (; Last wednesday, i decided to errr is it renew my Identity Card (IC) ? I don't wanna do it alone, so i forced my friend to accompany me. Ngeeeeee xD The thing was, something happened while doing the process. I didn't have a plenty of money. Just about Rm5 in my purse at that time. so is like, gamble jela datang sana kan. I already ask my friend weather they charged any, she said no. I just go to the counter and do as what he said. Then he said, "Okay, kena bayar Rm10 eh untuk ni" Then i was like, 'Huh? Ada bayaran eh? GULP ! ' Hahaha ;D Muka bajet cover cun lah kan sebab abang tu hensem. Weeeeee~ Serves me right ! Later i told him, 'Err abang, nak cucuk duit jap boleh? Ada ATM kat sini kan? Ingatkan takde bayaran' rush to the nearest ATM. haha. Sumpah malu siot ! Gila tarik muka malu,
Then dah bayar semua and he asked,

Abg tu : Laa, kenapa tak pakai tudung biasa macam ni ( He pointed to my old IC)
Me: Ohh tu. Hehe. ( Mampu senyum jela kan. )

Abg tu: ( Then he asked me this) Kenapa tak pakai cermin mata macam ni? ( Pointed AGAIN )
Me: Errmmm. ( Silence between us. Hee. DLM HATI AKU: Ek eleh, banyak
cekadak pulak mamat ni. Haha ;D )

That's the thing. I had a great day that day `coz after that, my friend suggested to go to the Taman Seribu Bunga. Just in front of the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negeri (JPN). But before that, we went to MYDIN Ayer Keroh. We lepak lepak there at the foodcourt and had ourselves an ice cream (; Yummy ! So, as a conclusion, I HAVE A GREAT GREAT DAY ! Weeee. Thanx babe !

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