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Saturday, May 22, 2010

It caught my eyes and I can't stand it :p

Hello saturday ! (;
It's saturday ppl. What will be doing these weekend? I don't know what to do. So, my activity for today is just onlining. Weeeeee~ Haha. I read few interesting blogs and end up to e-Bay website. hee. I'm searching for a new handbag. Eh helo, it' s not that i'm wasting my money or what okay. i know that i already have my blue bag. It's just that i wanna have moooooorreeeeeee bag ! (; I scrolled here and there to search for the best and this one bag on e-bay, it's Charles & Keith's. Ohh my my, it's gorgeous babe ! If only i have that right now, i think i can sleep with my eyes open :p I can't copy the image, so i can't show u guys how beautiful it is. Ohh my mistake, it's not that beautiful, i can feel that it will be sooooooo comfortable if i have one. Ehek ehek :p Anyone would buy it for me? I know my b`day is soooooo like monthsssss but it's okay. i can have it like advance present, can i? Haha ;D

Ohh, i forgot to tell u the details huh? Haiyooo. Okay okay, that bag can use in 2 ways, weather it is use as a sling bag and a shoulder bag. It's black and if i'm not mistaken it's leather i guess. Hee.

Imazara Hapiz.

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