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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Here we come A`Famosa (:

Another entry ! Weeeee~ Ha i told you before right. If once i update mine, I`ll continue updating eventhough it might be simple thing like what I`ve been doing the whole day, or what have i ate that day. Haha. Lame a bit rite? But hell like i care. It`s my blog what. If u feel it is boring, u`re pleased to get rid outta here. Clear enuff ? (:

So I`ve been travelling to quite a number of places for this sem break. I`m shocked actually ! Hee. Went to many places like these are not even in my list. But then when i was at home alone, i thought about sumthing. "Why people like to come to Malacca but I'm the one who is already here doesn`t even bother?" That`s when i started to fill up my time by going to some beautiful places and at that place, i figured out that Malacca have many interesting places to go. If you go to that place, you will know how to appreciate what has the government did for you. Ngeee xD

That day i went to Jonker Walk, A`Famosa and at last, Dataran Pahlawan. AGAIN ! :P From evening `til night. `Lil bit scary actually. Maybe it`s because the place is historical place, so i feel like a bit goosebump as my fren & i walked across a playground and suddenly i saw a spinning thingy spin by itself ! But i didn`t bother about it and continue walking, then i saw the buaian hayun sendiri. If u`re in my shoes, what will you do? I grab my fren's hand and said to her ' Weyh, cuba kau tengok tu. Buaian dia bergerak sendiri lahh. Tu tu, benda pusing pusing tu pun berpusing sendiri doe' She replied, ' Alaa, ada budak baru lepas main kot tadi. Biarlahh' (We continue walking). Suddenly, that kid himself said to his mom 'Mummy, there`s a ghost playing that thing. It moves by itself !' His family walk like half running. Kalau korang, tak ke cuak? Haha. Lepas tu, kawan aku terus berselawat. Aku tak perasan and tak terfikir pasal selawat pun masa tu. Aku pandang je benda alah tu bergerak. Okay, Bulu roma ternaik sekarang, Wuuaa. Huhu.
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