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Monday, May 24, 2010

K- Drama Geek currently. Ehek ! ;D

As you can read the title above. Haha :D Currently busy watching Korean Drama as i was too boring staying alone at home. Huhu. So i have myself watching these Korean Dramas. Interesting one you know. Why don't you try to watch it okay? Nice drama which they don't have too complicated storyline or sumthing that is hard to understand. It's just a simple love story which is nice to watch (; The dramas are You're Beautiful and another one is Boys Before Flower. I don't really into this K-dramas until i watched them myself. I would prefer to have someone to recommend me rather than i watched them first. Hee.

p/s: Thnx to my angels. They are the one who obsess with the korean thingy. `til one day i watched it myself and terikut sama. weeee~

Imazara Hapiz.

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