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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dinner with family at ZEN

I want to update it last nite actually. but my `lil bro wanna use the lappy to search sumthing for his assignment. so i was like, 'Ohh, okay. i can't say anything' Haha. Here it is, last nite, my family and i have a dinner at ZEN, DAtaran Pahlawan. but on our way there, it was sooooooooo pack ! There's people everywhere. There's people getting married, have events and so on. It was like, Ohh such a crowd place ! But we decide to eat and just go home. Not even bother to look around or even window shopping. Duh~ Our dinner went well. I have fish and chips and vanilla caramel. Hummph ! (; Melt in my mouthhhh. Weeeeee~ Haha. When we finished our dinner, we have a `lil chit chat together. My mum told us about our previous time. Masa lahir, sape paling berat, sape paling banyak kerenah, sape paling hensem, sape paling cantik. Heee. And sumthing hillarious here and there. My mum said that my `lil bro is the handsomest ! haha. While, my look is chinese-a-like. My sis is handling 'wad bersalin' now at the Malacca General Hospital. So, she told us a bit about some strange cases about mother to be. As we chit chat, we didn`t realise its already nearly 10pm. FYI, DP is closed around that time. Lame huh? Haha. Welcome to Malacca. Where most of the places will be closed at 10pm. Benci !
Imazara Hapiz.


  1. Hahahha melaka not even same with shah alam lah kakak :) btw , daus tak hensem dah sekarang :)

  2. u stay sh alam? which sec?
    haha. daus bila je dia hensem kan? ;D

  3. Hahahha no , act dapat tawaran ke unisel :)
    Hahahha daus dengar mati i kena :D

  4. ohh dia tatau ke? course ape yea? akaknye campus bkn kat sh alam. akak kat btg berjuntai.