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Monday, February 15, 2010

Nak Limauuuu ;)

On the friday morning, I felt like wanna skip the class. but when i think back, i don't need to ponteng that class becoz i have no specific reason doing so. so I don't. I went to the class n guess what, my lect gave an ang pow for us. What? Money? No. Limau? So NOT ! He gave us an assignment. urgh ! terrible. felt like i'm taking back my SPM. haha ;D We have to write a 350words essay about some teaching strategies and pass up after the Chinese New Year hols. After class, my frenz n i have lunch together at the cafe. Then about an hour n half later, i take a bus to ktm n heading to sumwhere. huhu. i have to spend hourrrsssss of time sumwhere becoz my mum will finish working at about 10pm. I've decided to go Midvalley. I went there ALONE. ahaha. Independent huh? quite agree. hehe. I went here and there, Jusco-Vincci-Nose-BUrger King-Nose-Vincci-Jusco. U ask me why? It's becoz i was so attracted with this one bag. Maybe it's becoz of the color. Nice lah. Not so expensive. Dalam kering kering poket aku ni, masih mampu jugakla nak membeli. hehe. Quite satisfied. But actually, i wanna buy a pair of heels at Vincci, but unfortunately, it's out of my budget. sedih kan? Agakla. huhu. After ronda ronda, membazir masa kat mid tu, then i met my sis there n heading to fetch my mum. From there, i drove back to malacca for about two and a half hours. Apa? Lambat? Paham paham jela. Ma'am besar panjang leher tgk aku drive ;D

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