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Monday, February 15, 2010

Please don't,

Yes. it's been a while that i ignore my own blog. urgh! Ima, what is happening to youu? Me? I just don't know what to say. It seems like I'm confuse with myself. And I don't know weather this feeling is confuse or a bit frust or anything. I just don't know. Don't ask me, even me myself have no answer for that. Anyway, all these while, i make myself busy and don't wanna drag my negative feeling of something. Once I think about something I shouldn't, I will blame myself of all those mayhem. So better i don't gatal gatal think about it right? hehe.

Up 'til today, my assignments do follow the flow. It's just that my classmates and i are a bit upset with that one konon konon handsome-bajet byk sgt harta- poyo lecturer. Urgh ! I tell u haa, he's a very annoying man ! We cannot stand with his attitude, with his words and all about him. He manage to make us sit still n shut up for about 3 hours! And when we are silent, then he said that we're passive. Haiyoo, how la? have to see his face until the end of the sem. and FYI, he handles 2 subjects for our class. i REPEAT, TWO ! hoho. BEST OF LUCK mates.

Right now, i'm packing my things. yeay ! tomorrow after morning class, i will go back to malacca (; so according to plan, my sis will fetch my mum & i at angkasapuri, then we will be heading to malacca together at night. That's the plan. We'll see if there's any changes okay?

Happy holiday babes !
Gong Xi Fa Cai for those who celebrating ;D

Pssstt: can give me limau mandarin meyh? Plus the ang-pau ok. thank youu. teheee (;

hugs n kisses,

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