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Monday, February 15, 2010

Bila Cik Ima kita menyanyi ;D

Hello Saturday (;
I'm back homey. Home Sweet Home !

I wake up in the morning feeling like BIBIK.
Grab my towel behind the door and heading to the SINKI.
Before I leave,I brush my teeth with a bottle of LISTERINE
because after this, I have to help my mum at the kitchen !

So how? pagi pagi dah menyanyi. Takpela. Tak payah susah susah nak join Akademi Fantasia tu kan kan? Baik aku menyanyi je kat umah. Kat umah aku ni lagi ramai pengkritik ! :)

For today, I just clean up the hall and kitchen. Won't able to clean up my room yet. Becoz tomorrow, my house will be having guests. Actually my parents wanna do Doa Selamat to this house. Since we moved in, we didnt do any yet.

Quite busy right now.
I update later keyh.

Hugs n kisses,

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