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Saturday, November 21, 2009

same goes to me *wink.

stuck in the jungle at batang berjuntai. can't wait to go back to my hometown. after celebrating aidiladha, i will be facing finals. really hope i can score well. wanna make 'em proud. oh by the way, my sis got 4A n 1B. congratz sis! you beat me! hehe *ashamed. pray for me people (;

so this weekend, i just aim to finish all my task before due date, which is next week, and then i wanna focus on the next testss (org ade study week, kite ni masih ada class && tests ~____~ ). my timetable for the final papers had released and luckily we're not gonna be the closing of the semester. aha. *jumping joyfully. mine starts on 2nd dec and ends on 10th dec. but unfortunately, the venue is not on my list.huhu. we have our favourite one *wink.

after all, i still wanna have my semester holiday NOW. some of my friends already have theirs but they said that it's getting boring because from day to day, they dunno what to do. aha. pity u lah ! i've planned my days already. ngeee xD

enjoy ur day people. same goes to me (^_*)V

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