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Sunday, November 15, 2009

from the bottom of my heart.

to: you,

i'm really really really sorry for my attitude to you yesterday. i'm out of control. maybe i'm in a bad mood perhaps. what is the most important thing is we have misunderstanding. i know it's my fault. but u must know that i'm not perfect. i'm just a normal human being like others. i'm not a mind reader that knows what people think & what people feel. i know your heart is broken because of the way my mind thinks. the situation isn't the same like before. you usually there for me, but not now. i should have known that. i should have understand u, but i failed. dear, i really need u in my life. i learned my lesson. i hope u will give me the second chance. i know that this is my biggest stupid mistake in my wholeee life. i never know that this will happen. i hope you hear what my heart is screamingg.. Last but not least, i love u so much with all my heart and soul.

from: the girl that full with regretnesssss.

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