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Friday, November 06, 2009

hardcore subjectsssssss for next sem.*TQVM

today, this fine friday, our class has been informed about the subjectsss taken for the next sem. wanna have a look? Make sure your eyes are clear enough to see.@_@

1. Educational Psychology
2. Academic and Business Writing Skills
3.Teaching of Aural-Oral
4. Teaching of Reading Skills
5. Material Selection and Adaption
6. Teaching Literature in TESL
7. Theatre in ESL

that's why i keep on stressing the -sss when i typed the SUBJECT. it's because of the number of subjects taken for next sem. if it's true, this is our first time to have SEVEN subjects. thank y'll. it's very kind of y'll to give us many subjects.

* stress enough when registering all these subjects. but what happen to me when i'll be in the future (next sem ) for real? u will never know.

hardcore subjects are waiting for me. shoot me die please? **BANG

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