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Friday, November 27, 2009

the not-so-confident-but-okay debate xD

friends a.k.a soulmates
the government side
the opponent
(best speaker: miss jojo.congrats babe! )

the sporting-giler giler friends (;
love u all my darling angels !

alhamdulillah. the class has finally finished. i didn't managed to attend the last class which is MR.K's. luckily ain is there. because she'll be back home on thurs. or else, our group will not have the tips. hehe. love u lah ain ! (; we have a debate for the last class && also miss eda's test. quite frustating because i didn't do it at the very best. she didn't provide us enough time. so at the end, i just hentam the answer. urghh~ so for this eid adha holiday, i want to format back my mind. i want to spend my time with my family, enjoy eating everything ! ahaha xD

that night, i meet my close friend. heyy, don't get me wrong JaaSyg knows that i'm meeting him. we were just lepaking at McD Bangsar. because after that, i will meet my sis at lrt universiti. we don't go anywhere. he fetched me at KL Sentral and we were heading to the McD. then, my sis went back to our hometown, my mum join us also. a bit shock because we were expecting the road will a bit jam. but lucky us, we manage to reach malacca about 2hours n half. tgkla sape drive? *me me me. hehe.

that's all from me. i will upload my raya photo later ok? hugs n kisses. muah !