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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

You torn my heart :(((

Salam (: I just arrived hostel. Baru abes class. Alhamdulillah. Done my presentation just now. Luckily it was okay. I just read it. I don`t put much effort coz i know that thing got no marks. Siot je. I got that info from the class next door. As the result, i just read it from the text i prepared earlier. Hee :D

Just wanna let u guys know about something happen to me. Ohh. Not me actually. It`s my car. It has been scratched by i don`t know which fella. So saaaaaddd :((((( I went to the MAHA last Sunday. It was the last day for that event. I parked somewhere in the RISDA. Maybe it was because too cra
mped at the other side.

Ohh. Just lets get back to the story. I`m sooooooooooooooooooooo damn upset. Coz idk what to do `til now. I wanna get it polished la
ter. But still don`t know when since i was packed with class and thesis. T_______T. The best part was i left my car just for about few hours. Then when i came back, my friend said, 'Ima, someone scratched ur car' At first, i thought she was joking since she likes to fool around. When i see it myself, Ohhhhhhh Emmmm Jiiii ! *Terjegil mata*

Let the pictures shares with you.

p/s: Takot nak park tempat public dah :((((

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