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Sunday, December 12, 2010

You know we`re superstars, we are who we are :D

Assalamualaikum ! Hepy Sunday people (:

How`s life? Mine is perfectly under control. Teehee. If not, i might be using swear words rite? Hehe. So, yesterday my angels and i went to OU. We watched Rapunzel happily. It`s like we`re watching young kid`s story u know. `coz at that time, the kids were crying, jumping around, some of them shouted, OMG ! We cannot focus. But hey, luckily i`ve watched that story. Yeayy ! :P Before we went to watch Rapunzel, we were eating like there` no tomorrow u know. haha. We went to Seoul Garden. Buffet lunch ! RM34 per head. U can eat whatever u want from the grilling to chilling ! hehe. I mean from heavy meal to desert. Wow! Fantastic right? Ok. Just scroll down to make ur self craving for them toooo ! :D

Picture worth a thousand words right?

Guess what, i have many of themmmmm (;

Jo, cube kau makan yang ni *suap*

tengok tu. udang golek golek dalam kuali :P

Bila krismas, deco semua cantek2. Banyak lagy pic sebenarnya tetapi memandangkan line tak berapa nak okay n aku ni pon pinjam broadband member, kenalah upload some of the pics je. Kat FB pon upload sikit sikit je. Hehe.

p/s: Pakcik santa, saya nak hadiah jugak boleh? :p

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