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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Entry entitled malacca? ahaha. its becoz since the first day the semester holidays has started, i didn't go any other state. i just went around here with my family && si Dia. i didn't able to gather around with my besties yet. some of them are siting for their finals, and some of them have other commitment. but i will make us meet up and hangout! hehe. so few days back, my family and i went to the SDSI that held at MITC Ayer Keroh. it's a nice event becoz the stalls are organized according to the states all around Malaysia. they have Kek Batik Sarawak which is famous in Sarawak, they have Mee Kolok and many more.. after been there for abour 3 to 4hours, we went to my aunt's house. just visiting her. so as usual camwhoring in the car while we were on our way there.

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