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Sunday, October 25, 2009

girls day out.

ohh what a day! enjoying our day && feel like in heaven weyh! (: yesterday, we went to petaling street to buy some DVD's.not me. only syidot n jojo. i felt like wanna buy one but on my second thought, i thought i wanna buy another Sophie Kinsella's novel.after that, we're heading to TS. jojo wanna make spectacles for her as she complained her eyes are not like before. her eyes are hardly to see . quite difficult to pick one for her as they are tooooooo many specs there.rambang mata, tak bole nak kata apelah kan. but at that moment, our stomach screaming like hell because it's like 12pm but we still don't make a step to any we took our lunch first then we went to that shop again. i suggested to them to eat at JOHNNY'S. they aggreed.we went there && eat like there's no tomorrow.hehe~ after lunch, jojo went and bought her specs,but me n others went for a fish spa.yeayy! ahaha. it is first time for syidot to try n luckily she didn't scream like i did in my first time.huhu. after that, we made our steps to Low Yat. jojo wanna buy adaptor for her laptop. go n teman teman her n usha usha fon. dapat fon murah, jojo pon jojo tabah time tu. iman dia kuat. terpegun sayamelihatnya.ahaha (geli seyh ayat ;p ) we enjoyed our day at the highest peak. byk keje kot before this && still byk lagii.tah bler nak habis keje2 patient ima. ur holiday will come n take u out from there =.=

keluar sbb tension dgn keje.thnx syg sbb paham.imy.

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