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Monday, October 12, 2009

miss tiny 'lil heart ;

Good morning madam && fellow mates. The topic of my speech is fashion.bla bla bla.. wuaah. i'm so nervous.huhu. this 'fashion' thing is actually one of my assignment. we have to give a seven minutes speech. it's up to us to choose any topic. and fashion is my choice because i think, it's interesting and can attract people. the speech is on this wednesday,which is another 2days to go. haish. i feel like i'm gonna melt in front of the audience. fyi, i'm not good in giving speech. i do have a stage-fright && it kills me when i know that my turn is next.duh~ wish me the best of luck okeyh? ehehe. so this week is really tiring. there is always something that i need to do, need to hand in and many more. i felt like a huge shopping mall bumped on my whole body && i'm crackingg. that's why, i really need this coming weekend to have a rest. i wanna watch the latest muvee and spend time with my youngest sis. holiday, can u come near to me? i really need u to come quickly. i would be appreciate them at the highest peek! huhu. hope U listen to my tiny 'lil heart ;) pleaaaassseeee.

really bz rite now, with all the assignments, presentation && testtttss. =.=

miss tiny lil heart//


  1. woi.jgn mls....tgk ila ni.abis degree.5thn belajar tAU..TU LA BDK ZMN SKG.OVER.lemak tepu.manja sgt.

  2. kelly: hello, at least i'm trying my best also okeyh. nak seribu daya, tak nak seribu dalih.ish ! ;p