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Sunday, October 04, 2009

can u whisper to me?

helo melo (:
juz wanna fulfill my time. i don't understand why am i that lazy to study.
my heart isn't here yet. still flying here and there searching for a great feeling.
really hope that it will fit to me because there is soooo many things to settle before the deepavali.
so my sweety heart, can u stick to me as long as u could? hoping til the rest of these 2 weeks.
my mood is just like a group of birds flying in the air.
that need freedom to survive.huhu~
my hair is messy, my head is running of ideas,
my fingers keep on typing something that they shouldn't do.
my legs still wanna have some more exercise,
but the steps are not static
soul ohh soul, can u whisper to me so that i have the passion to study?


  1. some timess the spirit of study is come....

  2. eizran: yup. u are right. i usually have the passion to study when it come out at the very last minute =.= huhu.