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Sunday, September 13, 2009

mkn kat bandar lama.hehe~

Yesterday was a fine day,, hehe~ i went to the midvalley with jojo n syidot. but before that, we went to Puduraya first to buy a ticket for me and for syidot too. so i will went back to Malacca tomorrow.yeayy! (: after that we catch a train to mid that was packed with human beingg.duh~ mid ouh mid, when u will do some improvement huh? the ktm suckks man ! ok ok, back to the story, so as we were there, we were shopping like there's no tomorrow, beraaattuussss la jugak. pokai aku =.= but its for the long term also actually.ehehe. then then ,, the best part is that we watched final destination 4. euuww disguise me ok. sorry jo, aku jerit jerit. hehe. but worth it lah. go n see urself. don't hear much about some crititisms. dah lepas lepas tgk tu, mula lah kelam kabut ! becoz it's already half past 5 n at mid after 5 is a NO WAY ! we rushed to the KTM and as i told u, the KTM suckks, we missed 1 train n luckily we make it the 2nd + what a lucky day coz we have sits enuff for us.ahakz! tak penah penah gi mid naik ktm dpt sit weyh! and and we went to the old town white coffee which is next to the sogo. && here's the pic. ;)

the excited face of me after the berbuka