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Sunday, August 30, 2009

exhausted day !

sudah pulang ke teratak bondaku.yeayy!

Yesterday i reached back home at about 8pm. i went back with my bf. becoz he's the one who managed to get the ticket, which is at 5pm, even i have to walk around TS for about number of time, but at least i got back home rite? rather than staying in unisel which is such a borrrrrrrrriiiiiiiinggggg place! huhu~ My bus is at 5pm but i get in the 1st selangor bus.ahaha. actually i accompany syidot (houzmate) to TS becoz she wanna get sumthing for her mum. (her mum's b'day) so she decided to buy her a black handbag at Metrojaya. after that, she had to get the ktm to seremban as her parents waited there. for about 3hours, i walked around TS (yes yes, totally tired! ahaha) then i went to pudu to see him there. we went to petaling street to fulfill our time before 5! tired tired. but what can i say? it's my decision to get there early morn.ahaha~ after we've been seated, i fell asleep instantly! Finally, we arrived malacca safely.yeayy! (:

p/s: he already told me, "u puasa2 pon nak jalan2 ke? nnt penatlah", then i reply: "alaa, tak penat punye, jalan2 bkn tmpt panas ponn" see? degilkan ? ahaha.pdn muke aku ! ;pp


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