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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

driving shakingly

Last tuesday, i drove my cousin back to ILP, after her place had been quarantine for a week because of the Influenza A (H1N1). so i drove her back. On my way to her place, a roadblock by JPJ was held at the highway AMJ ( sape org melaka, tahula ;) ), we juz enjoy ourselves by listening to a BUNKFACE's song, Situasi, with head-banging, shaking and and and others in the car.hehe ~ As we went through them, we juz gave them a big smile to show our respects. I'm absolutely-confident-no-worries at that moment because i guess i hadn't made any mistakes. I have my driving license, have my ID and etc. ,but then the person in charged told us to drop a side. I'm very shaky because i don't like people ordered me to stop while i'm driving happily.ahahaha 8)

This is what had happened :

officer: (senyum) mintak lesen dik.
saye: ( agak menggigil, padahal tak bersalah ) nah encik.
officer: nak pegi mana ni?
saya: ni haa, anta kazen..
officer: (ketawa ) yela.nak anta gi mana tu?
saya: (ceh ~ ) ouh.anta gi ILP selandar tu.
officer: awak buat ape skrg?
saye: (muka blurr + suara bergetar ) huh? ape? buat ape?
officer: (tersengih mcm kerang busuk ! ) ehehehe~ tade. awak ni blaja or da keje?
saya: ouh. blaja lagi encik.
officer: awak blaja mana ye?
saya: ( heyy, byk lak tnye, kang aku bagi resume kat kau kangg ! ) saya blaja kat uni*** je.

A moment later, another officer (*woman ) came and hold my driving license.

W: (talking to the officer in charged) heyy kau ni. dah pegi jaga sane lah.
O: alah akak ni, baru nak tackle. kacau jek.
saya: (ek eleh.ingat an aku ni penjenayah la tadi.*ish ! )
W: dah dik, boley jalan ye (dgn senyuman ;))
saya: terima kaseh kak ! ;)

After that, my cousin and i started laughing and said "ntah pape tah ! ingat an apela tadi.ahaha ~ "

so i juz continue driving and heading to her place safely ;)

* moral value: sumtimes i'm a bit awkward if strangers asked me or offer me sumthing. it's not that i hate n judging people with their 1st impression but i'm juz beware n be alert !

&& drive safely gurls !


  1. heheh..igtkn suspen la citer u nih...
    klako jek..
    sapea suh u chanteq sgt..
    kn da officer tuh bekenan..

  2. aahaaha.
    tade maknenye.
    memandai jek u kan !
    AHAHA ;pp