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Friday, March 04, 2011

Genting at the Peak !

Assalamualaikum ! (: *amboi sukanye cik ima kita*

Last saturday, my gurlfriends and i went to Genting. Ohh my goodnessssss. i`m sooo happy :D Eventhough it was quite tiring but still, i managed to drive along the way from Kuala Kubu Bharu to Genting. Semput jugakla VivaForever tu. tapi takpe. Tanpa memikirkan masa depan, kami meneruskan perjalanan. Haha :D Around 3pm that day, we went there and reached at the peak of Genting about an hour later. Genting is just nearby our rent house now *dengan nada berlagak :p * haha. Alaa takdela nak berlagak mana. Genting je pon. Sebelah mata je pandangg. Lainla Universal Studio ke, oversea ke kan. Bole lah riak dan takbur :P

Ok enough of t
hese crapp. Jum layan gambar. ZASSSSSSSSSS !

We went there with 2 cars. One of them was mine and another one was Zarina`s. She slept at our house that night before and she drove back home after went to Genting. We had joy, we had fun
we had season in the sun. Ehh ternyanyi lagu Westlife-Season in the sun pulakk :p We spent our times there, we shared our happiness together with the one we care. I`m glad that the gurlfriends were there. Looking forward to go with other friends too ! Hehe.

Ok ok. Here`s the pictures. Tadaaaaaaaa !

Compulsory Game !!

Go Kart penuhhh. Menci ! :(((

Spot me if you can ! :P :P

Terpaksa panggil orang yang lalu lalang utk snap kan foto kami berlima (:

Nice scenery !

Miss Cida & me me ! (:

Miss Zarina Saranghae :P

MissJojo Miss Sya

p/s: Sorrylah. Gambar terbanyak pulak kali ini. Over-excited perhaps. Heee. Daaa ~

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