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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Save the Best for the Last

Assalamualaikum. Helo everibadi (:

Miss my blog so much ! Actually i updated my blog yesterday by doing that tag thingy. Buat benda alah tu pun guna lappy akak time singgah kat umah dia. Yesterday i fetched my `lil bro at Wisma MAIS Shah Alam after the friday prayer. On my way there, the road was blocked by the police traffic! Walawehh, macam mana gua nak gi seksyen 3 ni. Wa tahu jalan ni jela. Perghh ! Thank God it`s friday. Tahap kesabaran boleh dikawal lagy la. so I was like, alaa redah jela. I end up sesat ! Haha. I drive alone there and apa lagy. sesatlah kan. sebab i ni pon bukan pandai sangat area sana. still learning. hehe. last last jumpa jugak :D

From there, i went to Angkasapuri to fetched mum. We headed to Malacca at about 4.30pm and arrived at 7pm sebab singgah kat pasar malam. hehe.

Last thursday was my friend`s b`day. My housmates and I planned a suprise for her. We planned not to wish her until the next day. So at 12am July 8, 2010, she asked ' Wei, korang taknak wish aku ker? Ni dah kul 12am dah ni ' Her phone kept on receiving messages from her friends wishing her a B`day. Our respond was made a straight face. Just ignore her. Kesian siot. Haha. Sorry jo. It`s just a suprise for ur b`day. U know we love ya rite (: The next day, i drove to the nearest cake shop to buy her a b`day cake. Sedap tau ! Of coz it`s not Secret Recipe lah becoz there`s no Secret Recipe`s branch there. Paling dekat pon dalam 40minutes drive from our house =.=" kesian kan? Dah beli beli n breakfast semua, kitorang balek dengan plan yang TERBAIKK lah kan. but we end up by doing other plan sebab semua plan tak menjadi. haha. But at least she`s sporting enuff. Dia kena baling dengan tepung+ milo basi+ sabun basuh. Member wa baling tepung kat dia sampai tepung tu termasuk mulut dia. Memang terbaikk lah kan. sampai nak termuntah dia. haha. But anyway, HEPY BESDAY JOJO. WE LAV YA ! *hugss

That`s all for now. Sorry for the late update. Kat rumah sewa takde internet lah :(


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