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Saturday, July 24, 2010

If I can fly, I will fly to the sky and let you see the best that i can try

Beep beeeeeppppp ! Hehe (:

Home Sweet Home Bebeh ! :D FYI, if u notice, I will update my blog if I were at home. Pity me right? I don`t online much now. I don`t have broadband PLUS tones of works are waiting for me actually. Sesibuk sibuk aku ni, masih ada masa nak omline. Hurmm. Pelik. Pelik tapi benar ye kawan kawan. Please don`t try this at home ! (Baca ikot stail Apek Senario ye :P ) So, I reached home last nite at about 1.30am after driving for nearly 3hours. Ala maklumlah, aku ni drive lembab sket. Ehh bukan lembab macam siput, siput tu lagy laju kot? Haha. Ok back to the story, I reached home after sending my friend at her house. Balek balek je, aku naik bilik, basuh muka n etc, gedebuk ! terus lentok baii. Ngantok okay. Time drive, aku bajet bajet je tak ngantok. Hanya Cik Ziera je tahu sebab beliau berada di tempat kejadian. haha :P That` s all about yesterday.

So for today, my sis`s boyfriend`s family came home to have a visit. They`re from Kelantan. Belum merisik lagy. Just to have a small talk and a `lil chit chat. It went well. So, depends on them to set the date. We just wait and see later on (: Ok ok. Everything done except i didn`t do my work yet :( Anyone wanna help me? Teeheeee :') I`m glad if someone raise their hand and say, 'Me, meeeee' Haha. Ok ima, don`t be lazy. It`s ashamed. No one will do ur work it will not finished unless u do it urself ! `__`

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