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Saturday, January 02, 2010

the day after.

it's already the second day of January. feels like yesterday i was in school, holding chemistry revision book *which looks like the Kamus Dewan Bahasa.haha* When i saw my sis busy packing her stuff, my mind flashes back when that one time, I was so excited packing and making list to buy the stationaries, until my mum said "Ima, dari tadi mengadap barang barang tu tak habis habis kemas lagi ke? " haha. Seems to be so excited. And I'm sooo sure that why i get so excited. It's not because of learning *hell no* but it is because meeting mates. When I meet my gurls,Wow, I tell you ! Miracle happens man! ahaha. I can talk without pausing even a moment.haha. Cuba bagi aku task macam pidato or debate or sumthing, HARAM nak bukak mulut ! ahaha ;D Sweet memories will never vanished !

Kepada budak budak sekolah: hargailah masa masa anda sekarang (;

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